Thank you letters for staff children

A message to your kids – from Raj Jain, Chief Executive

We know it’s incredibly hard right now for everyone and we don’t underestimate the impact that this is having on family life and our loved ones at home.

We want to take the opportunity to reach out to your families – namely your children – to say a thank you to them and that we understand how the hard work, long hours and pressures you are dealing with are having an impact on them too.

We’ve created different letter templates – see below. Please print off (in colour if you can) and add in your child’s name to whichever one you feel is appropriate for them. We really hope they like them and we’d love to hear what they think! If you and your child/children want to, it would be great to see pictures of you all on Facebook and Twitter, perhaps reading the letter together, and to maybe see their reaction or hear what they said to you after reading it. If you’re able to do that, please use the hashtag #NCAfamily and ensure you tag in @NCAlliance_NHS and also your Care Organisation Twitter account. Thank you to you and of course, your families.

New/Updated NCA Family Letters


       Young Child Letter                                                                                            Generic Child Letter



      Older child/teenager A                                                                                 Older child/teenager B


Previous templates can still be accessed and downloaded below

New Baby letter template - click here