Judith Maden - Ward Manager

Judith Maden

From healthcare assistant to successful Stroke services ward manager

Judith has worked for Pennine for over 28 years.  Initially she worked as a care assistant in a nursing home working evenings as this suited her family life and gave her the ability to be there for her son while he was growing up.

Many of her nursing colleagues in the nursing home knew that Judith had what it

took to be a brilliant nurse and encouraged her to enrol on a course.  At 31 Judith did just that and embarked on a nursing course at the Bury School of nursing.

As with her previous role she started her career in nursing on nights to fit around her son however once he was grown up a little she changed onto day shifts and soon progressed from a D grade (Band 5) to E grade (Band 6) staff nurse.  She originally worked on the Wrigley ward at

Bury General Hospital and one day the opportunity for a Sisters’ post at Fairfield General was brought to her attention.  It was too good an opportunity to miss and Judith’s love affair with Fairfield was underway!

Her determination to continue to progress saw Judith go on to work in Stroke Rehab as an acting ward manager, followed by managing Ward 21 for 2 years before eventually settling as the much loved ward manager on Ward 5 - the acute stroke ward.

So what is it about Fairfield that Judith loves so much? ‘It’s like a family, people genuinely care about each other.  Working in this environment is priceless, and there’s great management support, always willing to be there for you when you need it.’

When asked what’s kept her working in Stroke services Judith says ‘I’ve worked in Stroke care for many years, to see the advances in medicine and the miraculous results of Thrombolysis is amazing, it’s a real privilege to work in this setting.’  Judith notes the strong working relationships between the MDT and the consultant team and how well they all work together to create the best experience possible for each and every patient and their family.

Her advice to newly qualified nurses?

‘It’s a very worthwhile career, remain true to yourself and the patient, they always come first.  We are the patients’ advocate, I feel very strongly about that, don’t ever be afraid to speak out on their behalf.’