Access to our Hospital Sites for Staff


New access and control measures across our sites from Monday 18 May

The safety and wellbeing of everyone is the NCA’s top priority. We all have a responsibility to work together to ensure our hospitals are safe and secure for our patients, ourselves and out for each other. 

We want everyone to be safe, and feel safe, across our hospitals, whether you are at work or in our care.

From Monday 18 May, we are separating the entry points into our hospital sites for our staff, patients and visitors.

This will mean the following:

  • Dedicated entrances for staff on all sites, separate to patients and visitors.
  • Some entrances may be locked. Please familiarise yourself with the entrances on each site
  • Security checks will be in force at all entry points.
  • Your staff ID badge must be shown on entering the hospital and visible on site at all times
  • Please observe social distancing if you have to queue at any of our staff entrance points
  • Please clean your hands or use hand sanitiser upon entering our sites and clinical areas
  • Ensure your colleagues and teams are aware of these new safety measures   
  • Please wear the level of PPE recommended for you before entering any of our clinical areas

There will likely be some teething problems as we implement these necessary inconveniences,  so please be patient, understanding and proud that we are taking this action and leading in the fight to protect our patients and our workforce.

Remain vigilant and challenge

  • Please follow social distancing rules, staying at least 2 meters apart from others unless using PPE in clinical settings  
  • Adhere to social distancing even when you are on your break/lunch or outside the site 
  • Avoid gatherings of over two people
  • Challenge where appropriate and remind others of our infection control measures
  • Politely remind colleagues, patients or visitors who are not social distancing or not following instructions around safety and cleanliness

Entrances and Access points for staff and patients

Salford Royal

Hope Building South Entrance (off Central Car Park) *

  • Patient / Visitor / Contractors

Dermatology near Entrance 4 *

  • Patient / Contractor / STAFF

Entrance 2 – Brooke Building (near The Christie) *

  • Patient / Visitor / Contractor / STAFF

Entrance 1 – Turnberg Level 0 *

  • STAFF only

Mayo Building – Level 1 entrance

  • STAFF / visitors

A&E Entrance

  • ED staff and patients only

* Physical security presence

See map 

The Royal Oldham Hospital

  • Entrance 5 – Staff entrance only
  • Entrance 2 – Staff entrance only
  • Main entrance – Patient and Visitors only

See map


  • Entrance 3 – Staff entrance only (centre of map)
  • Entrance 5 – Staff entrance only (right of map)
  • Main entrance – Patients and Visitors

See map

Rochdale Infirmary

  • Dry riser double doors(rear of main entrance) – Staff Stonehill entrance (rear doors, same side as the waste area) – staff
  • Main entrance – Patient and Visitors

see map