GM Race Equality Change Agents Programme

Greater Manchester 


The GM RECAP has been inspired by the National NHS Workforce Race Equality Standards (WRES) Experts Programme and developed through utilising the learning of WRES Experts currently based within GM who we have engaged with to support the design of this work.

Inspiring  Change Together

Projects & Ideas We Are Looking For? 

RECAP isn’t aimed at existing EDI leads or colleagues specifically employed to lead on inclusion activity, but instead we would like to hear from managers, decision makers and staff that want to make small changes to their workplace within what they are able to do in their current job role or their scope of influence.

All we ask is that you have a passion for equality and inclusion (you don’t have to consider yourself an expert) and a drive to make a difference.

Ideas can cover a number of areas our suggestions include:

  • Reducing bias within recruitment processes either large scale as an organisation or at a local level in how you or your team recruit people
  • Helping enable more people to “bring their whole selves to work”
  • Activities designed to reduce the number of BAME staff being victims of bullying and harassment at work
  • Improve your disciplinary process to reduce inequalities
  • Develop inclusive leadership skills across your team, service or organisation
  • Helping share the lived experiences of BAME colleagues more within your organisation
  • Expanding your colleagues awareness of other communities and cultures
  • Creating opportunities to celebrate and develop BAME role models
  • Ensure access to flexible working is fair for BAME staff
  • Our ideas much more creative than we have even considered yet…….

Still stuck and need support to generate ideas?

If you want some help coming up with a change idea/project we recommend speaking to your organisations Equality & Diversity Lead often based within HR or Learning/OD or Community Engagement/Experience.

Where your organisation doesn’t have a local Equality Lead or you would prefer to speak to us direct please contact and we are more than happy to arrange a call to support people considering applying to join RECAP.

Eligibility for the Programme

  • Have approval from your line manager
  • Commit to attend 75% of the six one day a month learning days (Starting from January 2020)
  • Be able to attend at least two coaching days over the second six months
  • Have an idea or change project aimed at reducing racial inequalities or improving the workplace for staff from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds
  • Your change idea must be within the scope of your day role or something you will be able to influence with support from our team
  • Be free to attend the RECAP welcome event on 22nd October 2019


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Application Deadline Friday 27th September 2019  ---  Event Launch 22nd October 2019

Key Features

The programme aims to translate the work delivered as part of the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) Experts Programme at a local level, translating the learning to benefit all partner organisations within Greater Manchester.

  • Development of a change based dashboard to monitor up to 60 change based projects one for each participants within the programme within the first 18 months.
  • 5 places reserved for the Third Sector Organisations working towards improving health outcomes within Greater Manchester.
  • In built coaching model for all attendees to help support application of learning.]
  • Facilitation and delivery by leading academics and leadership / inclusion professionals from across the UK.


The programme will be delivered over a 12 month period via a 6 month modular course followed by 6 months of continued coaching.

It is designed so that within 18 months deliver, up to 60 places based changed projects will support the Race Equality Agenda across GM localities.

What Inequalities?

Modules one and two will focus on supporting participants to develop the skills to understand locality and organisational specific inequalities, understanding the future wider GM metrics and the impact inequalities have on our citizens and community.

Why Inequalities?

Modules three and four will support participants to explore the concept of racial identity through the lens of lived experience and to understand the impact of institutional, structural and individual factors that lead to racial inequalities in GM.

What Inequalities?

Modules five and six will seek to share the expertise across transformation, OD and QI that exists within GM organisations to empower participants to become local change agents for Race Equality and accelerate the delivery of their change projects.

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To book a place head to the Eventbrite page today