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The Greater Manchester Inclusion for Excellence Mentoring Programme aims to support our leaders across the Public & Third sector in Greater Manchester to become visible and intentional about their approach to inclusive leadership. The programme also aims to support BAME colleagues to accelerate their career development, where they are under represented across different levels of leadership in many different professional areas due to institutional discrimination that still exists across the region. The programme forms part of a much larger piece of work aimed at delivering on the pledges made by senior leaders across GM to prioritise the reduction of workforce race inequalities over the next few years.

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What Mentoring Pathways Are Available?

We have developed two specific mentoring pathways so we are able to have both a positive impact on senior leadership culture, while at the same time developing our BAME colleagues to better navigate the existing inequalities across organisations in Greater Manchester.

Reverse Reciprocal Mentoring

Our Reverse Reciprocal Mentoring Pathway is aimed at Senior leaders and Front line BAME colleagues across the Public & Third Sector in Greater Manchester.

The aim of the pathway is to link every senior leader who joins the programme up with a front line BAME colleague so that they can have regular 1 to 1 mentoring conversations which through the sharing of lived experience and diverse perspectives we hope will begin to have a positive impact on the views and approaches taken by Senior Leaders across Greater Manchester. The programme has also been designed to ensure that BAME colleagues involved are not asked to contribute without receiving anything in return and so the format of “reciprocal mentoring” where by we are also asking senior leaders to provider mentorship back to front line BAME staff to share their wealth of knowledge and experience we hop will also support BAME colleagues with their own career development.

Underserved Community Mentoring

Our Underserved Community Mentoring Pathway is aimed at supporting existing BAME leaders at every level of the Public & Third Sector being joined up with more junior colleagues with a similar background from across Greater Manchester.

The pathway recognises that across the region the data shows that for many of our organisations structual and institutional discrimination is still a reality and while there are a number of programmes aimed at changing this over the next few years, there is a need to support BAME staff now who are working within the current environment. What the pathway aims to achieve is to harness the knowledge and experience of the often small but talented group of existing BAME leaders in our system to support more junior BAME colleagues in similar professional groups. We have designed a programme which will allow BAME leaders to support their mentees navigate the existing inequalities and barriers that still exist and share their own experiences on how they have advanced within the current workplace environment.

Development & Support

  • All mentors & mentees will receive a half day induction session providing advice and support in how to be a good mentor and make the most of the experience of they are offered if they are a mentee.
  • All mentors & mentees will receive a best practice resource guide on having positive conversations and the power of mentorship to support them with their 1 to 1 meetings.
  • All mentors & mentees will have access to a dedicate Equality professional to provide advice guidance and support if they need it
  • All mentors & mentees will be given a informal framework to structure their mentoring relationship to try to support the programme achieving the outcomes we have set out.


Places on this programme are Free and open to colleagues from across any Public or Third Sector Organisation in Greater Manchester (Including Fire, Police, Local Authority and NHS organisations)

We are looking for applications from:

  • Any Senior Leaders
  • Front line BAME colleagues working in any service or administrative support
  • BAME Leaders from any level in an organisation particularly where BAME colleagues are under represented at your level
  • BAME colleagues looking to be linked up with a more senior BAME peer in a similar role to provide advice and support on career development.

If you are any of the above and are interested in joining one of the Mentoring Pathways on the Programme please fill out and return an application form that can be found here.

How Do I Find Out More?

To launch the programme we are hosting a launch event with leading experts on Inclusive Leadership from across the Country offering workshops and information that will help organisations develop their own inclusive leadership culture. The event will also set out in more detail the aims of the two Mentoring Pathways available.

To apply to attend the launch event at Bury Town Hall on 28th October 2019 please click here.

You are also welcome to speak to any member of the team at the Northern Care Alliance Inclusion Centre of Excellence where we will be happy to help.

Contact us

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