Will our terms and conditions stay the same?

Yes. TUPE protects against change for an indefinite period if the sole reason for the change is the transfer. Any such change would be void. If a new employer then does wish to make changes for economic, technical or organisational reasons, there would need to be full consultation with staff.

Is there any time limit on protection for our current terms and conditions, when can the Northern Care Alliance change these?

There is no time limit under TUPE and the Northern Care Alliance has no right to change terms and conditions at any time unless there is an ‘economic technical or organisational reason’ unconnected with the transfer.  If in the future some organisational change is required for any of the Northern Care Alliance services, which may result in changes to terms and conditions then this would be done in consultation with the unions. 

Will our incremental date remain the same?

Yes, all contractual terms and conditions remain the same. Your incremental date will transfer over with you.

I work across Bury and Rochdale Audiology service, what will happen to me in the future?

The Northern Care Alliance do not propose to make any changes to the way services are delivered upon transfer, it will be business as usual.  If any changes are proposed in the future, then these will be in conjunction with discussions with staff and via appropriate consultation processes.

If you have someone at the Northern Care Alliance in the same role why would you need me?

We may have someone in your role but that does not mean we do not need you. By the very nature of the transfer, we will be taking on more work and we may need your post to carry on delivering that work.

After the formal consultation sessions, will there be an opportunity for one to one sessions?

Yes. These sessions are currently being arranged directly with staff at the moment.

What if my line manager is not TUPE’ng over to the NCA or staff that work with me are also not TUPE’ng to the NCA?

We would recommend that individual circumstances are discussed in a one to one setting with an NCA representative present to answer some of these questions.