Training Q&As

Where will training be carried out after transfer?

NCA will be looking to be flexible on future training locations.  Training locations are currently provided in various localities and the NCA see no reason why these cannot continue.

What will happen with Mandatory training?

Mandatory training will continue as before and any training you have already received here will be taken into account and will transfer over with you to the new provider.

Will we be funded to attend external courses?

Yes, as with all NHS organisations, the Northern Care Alliance receives money from Health Education North West.  Staff can apply for external courses and the learning and development department will look at any applications together with your line manager.  This is open to all staff who will be part of the Northern Care Alliance.

Will student training continue?  Will we have the same PEF’s?

Yes.There is an identified resource for this which will be transferable.

I have a member of my staff who is due to start after 1st July 2019 and is booked on for PARIS training, does this continue?

Yes, as PARIS will continue to be used in the short term, this is business as usual and the new starter should still attend the training.