Resettlement and Integration Service

We are the Bury Resettlement and Integration Team.  We provide health and NHS support for a 12 month period to refugees who come to Bury via the Gateway Protection Programme.

We are a small team led by a specialist nurse.  We provide a range of services to the above group, including: 

  • GP registration
  • Initial health screening assessments
  • Signposting to primary(GP) and secondary (hospital) services
  • Referrals to health and social care services as required/appropriate
  • Health promotion, education and awareness
  • Working with other NHS professionals to ensure an understanding of the complex needs of each individual
  • A mentoring service to student healthcare professionals

We are part of Prestwich Township team, but we provide support across the borough of Bury.

Contact Information

Humphrey House (3rd floor) 
Angouleme Way

Tel: 0161 253 6509/6821

Opening Hours

8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Thursday

Referral Methods

Referral by Home Office or Bury Council