What to Bring

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If you are coming into hospital on the same day as your surgery then you must ensure that you have had a bath or shower before arriving at the hospital. This is to help reduce the risk of infection.

You may wish to bring some of the following items to hospital with you. Please remember that storage space for personal belongings is limited on all the wards, so only bring necessary items with you.

  • Day clothes, as you may get dressed during the day if you wish
  • Nightwear/slippers
  • Dressing gown
  • Towels
  • Toilet bag, containing soap, flannel/sponge, shampoo, hair brush/comb, toothbrush, toothpaste/denture cleaner and shaving kit (if required). Remember it is important not to share toiletries or towels while in hospital.
  • Sanitary products (if required)
  • Please bring a roll-on deodorant with you as spray deodorants can interfere with the smoke detectors and can also cause distress to patients suffering from chest conditions.
  • Please do not bring talcum powder into hospital, as this can cause slips if spilt on the floor.
  • A packet of disposable hand wipes to freshen yourself up.
  • Things to do or read, such as newspapers, books, puzzles.
  • Hearing aid/glasses (if required).
  • Appointment card/clinic letter
  • Proof of exemption of payment for prescriptions (where applicable).
  • We do not have any laundry facilities on site. Therefore please make alternative arrangements for this with your friends or family.
  • Mobile telephones can be used on corridors, subject to medical and privacy considerations.
  • Any medications prescribed for you - please have a look at the medications leaflet in our quick links menu.

Valuables and money

Please do not bring large amounts of money or valuables, such as jewellery, into hospital with you. If it is not possible to give your valuables to your family or friends, then you should hand them to the ward staff for safekeeping.

Your valuables will be locked in the hospital safe and you will either sign a property book or be issued with a receipt.

Your property will be returned to you before you are discharged, or upon request. However, property can only be returned during working hours and the safe is not open after 5pm or at weekends. The hospital will not take any responsibility for valuables that have not been handed in for safekeeping.