Visitor Information

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Open Visiting Hours

Following a successful trial at The Royal Oldham Hospital, an open visiting policy has been implemented at the Trust allowing relatives and friends to visit at anytime.

The new policy forms part of the Trust’s aim to make its hospitals more carer and dementia friendly by giving relatives, friends and carers the chance to spend more time with their loved one at a time that suits them and have an active role in their care while they are in hospital.

Traditionally visitors were only allowed on the wards to visit their relatives at set times in the afternoon and evening. Now however, access is available at any time of the day through discussion with ward staff. Visitors must adhere to certain rules though in the form of a visitor’s code. This incorporates guidelines about the numbers allowed around a patient’s bed, preventing the spread of infection and protected mealtimes.

Children are welcome to visit parents / carers / relatives in hospital, but any child under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult visitor.

Please call or speak to the ward manager to check visiting times for individual wards as visiting times may be restricted during meal times.  Also, some specialist wards may still restrict visiting within certain times of the day, please call or speak to the ward manager.

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