Interpretation and Translation Service

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The Interpretation & Translation Service provides verbal and written language interpretation services for over 94 languages spoken within the geographical area of the Trust.

The British Sign Language Interpreting services are provided for patients with sensory difficulties, braille or large text documents are provided for visually impaired patients.

Due to the COVID 19 virus pandemic and as per Government guidelines along with restrictions on travel and socialisation, we are advising where appropriate and possible for interpretation to be conducted via telephone or video to decrease the chance of infection and work towards reducing the spread of the COVID 19 virus.

The interpretations are provided in a number of ways:

Video/Face-to-Face interpreters - mostly by permanent interpretation staff or bank staff, agency interpreters are accessed when permanent or bank staff are not available, or it is a language that we do not provide.

Telephone interpretation service is provided for non-urgent standard consultations or appointments.

A Translation service is provided upon request.

Why might patients be referred to this department?

This service is for patients with English language difficulties who require an Interpreter to communicate with staff on their hospital consultations or appointments. This service is also for deaf patients who require BSL interpreters and visually impaired patients can request documents in braille or large text. The Interpretation & Translation Service can also translate documents upon request.

What will happen and who will you meet?

Patients are likely to meet either a language Interpreter or British Sign Language Interpreter at the appointment or consultation where they requested an interpreter. The telephone interpreting service can be used for standard consultations or appointments where appropriate or in emergency situations when an interpreter has not been booked.

Where can you find these services?

Interpretations take place at the patient’s appointment venue i.e. clinic or ward. Patients will not need to come to the Interpretation & Translation Service office. However the address is:

Interpretation & Translation Service
1st floor
Health Records Building (adjacent to rear entrance car park)
The Royal Oldham Hospital
Rochdale Rd
OL1 2JH  

When is the department open?

The Interpretation & Translation Service office hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm. However, there is an out of office hours service covered by the Trust switchboard, including weekends.

How can you contact the department?

We need at least 3 clear days for interpreter bookings if an interpreter is not booked the telephone interpretation service will be utilised.

Interpreting booking requests can be made in various ways by patients or on their behalf. An interpreter can be requested in the following ways:


Telephone: 0161 627 8770

or by filling out the interpreter booking form 



Fill out an online interpreter booking form

Typetalk: 0161 656 1917
Text: 07811 029087

When booking an interpreter, the Interpretation & Translation Service will need the following details:

  • Language with dialect
  • Patient name
  • Hospital/NHS number
  • Appointment date, time and venue and possible duration (if known)
  • Male or female interpreter required (subject to availability)
  • Name and telephone number of requester

Telephone Interpreting is available at all times, there is no need to book this service.