Shared Decision Making

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Making the most of your consultation

When you have a consultation at our Trust we would want you to have the information you need about your condition, and to be an active partner in choosing which treatment options are best for you. This is called “Shared Decision Making”.

We are encouraging patients to ask 3 Questions:

Follow this link to the Ask 3 Questions leaflet

Patient Decision Aids

For some conditions a health professional will recommend a single straightforward treatment, for example a course of antibiotics for an inner ear infection. However for many conditions there is no single preferred treatment. Patient Decision Aids are designed to provide information regarding the various treatment options available for certain clinical conditions.

Follow this link to access the Patient Decision Aids

A Patient Decision Aid app is available for smart devices running Android or Apple iOS, follow this link for more information.

Gathering your views

The Trust strives to improve the service we provide to patients and your feedback and views are invaluable to this process. The Trust is working closely with the Clinical Commissioning Groups to establish Shared Decision Making across primary and secondary care.

At your clinic appointment, in the hospital or community, you may be asked to participate in surveys and provide feedback on your experience. We are happy to receive any suggestions you wish to make regarding Shared Decision Making and you can forward these via the contact form for the attention of the Project Facilitator for Shared Decision Making.