Natalie Finn

“I will be forever grateful”  

Natalie Finn, 30, a proud mother of four from Saddleworth, Oldham, attended The Royal Oldham Hospital in March 2008 for the birth of her eldest child Jessica, age seven. Since then she has had three subsequent children at home, Hannah age three in 2012, Felix age 18-months in 2014 and Dexter age 4-months in 2015, all under the expert care of Christine Potter her community midwife in Saddleworth.

Natalie says: “Having had such a positive experience during the birth of my eldest daughter Jessica, when I became pregnant with my second child Hannah I decided that I would like to explore the possibility of having a home birth.”

This was a decision that was happily supported by Chris, her community midwife. Natalie’s second daughter Hannah was born at home as planned in August 2012 and she says it was the most memorable experience of her life.

“This was largely due to the fact I felt safe, supported, calm and relaxed at home in familiar surroundings, and with the support of Chris my community midwife, who I trusted completely.”

Having had two more children, Felix and Dexter in 2014 and 2015 respectively, Natalie says she has been incredibly lucky to repeat the experience and have a further two home births. Her experiences of the Trust’s maternity services have, she says, been second to none.

“Chris has supported me during four pregnancies with antenatal care and postnatal care, as well as being the person to assist me during the labour and delivery of three of those babies at home,” Natalie says.

“No concern has ever been left unanswered. I have always been treated with warmth, friendliness and respect and made to feel as though my welfare and that of my babies was important.”

The continuity of care Natalie has received over the last eight years has, she says, been second to none and she attributes this to the dedication of Chris to her role in the community, which she says is something she feels should be celebrated.

“I will be forever grateful,” says Natalie.