John Farrell

“I can’t thank Mr Ibrahim and his team enough for saving my life”

A Middleton man has praised staff at the Trust for saving his life in an emergency keyhole surgery operation. 

John Farrell was rushed into North Manchester General Hospital after falling ill at home. Semi-conscious with pain and discomfort, Mr Farrell was diagnosed with a leaking aneurysm (abnormal dilation or ballooning of a blood major artery) which needed immediate specialist treatment.

A surgical team, headed by consultant vascular surgeon, Mr Riza Ibrahim was prepared at The Royal Oldham Hospital and Mr Farrell was transferred there by ambulance, where he underwent urgent surgery.

With a 25% chance of survival, the team which treated him knew that they were up against it, both in terms of time and in the technique used to repair the rupture.

Mr Ibrahim said: “An aneurysm is a dilatation of a blood vessel. The aorta is the main blood vessel in the body and is connected to the heart. It is normally the size of a garden hose, but in some people it can blow up like a balloon and when it does so, it is called an aneurysm.

“As with blowing up a balloon, if the pressure continues to increase it can burst. An aneurysm which ruptures is usually fatal with 50% of ruptured aneurysm patients dying at home, and 50% of those who make it to hospital can also die. Only 25% of ruptured aneurysms actually make it to emergency surgery and survive.”

Undergoing an hour long operation which involved a key hole repair under local anaesthetic, Mr Farrell was soon back on the high dependency unit, where he stayed for two weeks, before being discharged home. Mr Farrell said: “I can’t thank Mr Ibrahim and his team enough for saving my life. I was told when I was rushed into hospital that I was very lucky as 80% of people die immediately. I didn’t worry too much about the operation as I knew that I was in safe hands.”