How to Access Patient Records

health records

You have the legal right to access your health records at any time. Your health records are confidential so members of your family are not allowed to view them unless you give them written permission to do so.

Health record request forms

If you are a front line member of staff, and you are supporting a patient requesting their records, please click here.

If you wish to request a copy of your own health records please complete the AHR1 form.

If you wish to request a copy of someone else's health records - for example if you are a parent and would like to view your child's records - please complete the AHR2 form.

If you wish to access the health records of a deceased patient please complete the AHR3 form.

If you are a patient's legal representative and wish to view their health records please complete the AHR4 form.

Further information and contacts

 You can contact the Pennine Acute Access to Health Records team by:

Tel:  0161 627 8591/0161 778 5938

If you wish to request your health records for Salford Royal Foundation Trust please email