Face Masks

Patient notice

Face masks to be issued across the Northern Care Alliance estate to all site patients and visitors

As we begin to enter the recovery phase of the pandemic we will gradually and safely be introducing the return of more of our services. This means that there will be more people accessing our sites and our facilities. To do this safely, we are introducing additional measures (bio-safety measures) to ensure that we keep everyone as safe as possible.

This week, as planned, we are further stepping up our infection prevention, control (IPC) and biosafety measures across our NCA hospital sites and community premises to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

As part of our strengthened and stringent bio-safety measures, all sites across the Northern Care Alliance family of hospitals will provide face masks to every member of the public who enters our buildings. This will apply to patients, visitors, suppliers and anyone else who needs to come into our shared public areas, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This is an important safety measure, as some people may have COVID-19, but be unaware, as they will have no symptoms and will feel well. However, they are still able to pass the virus onto others. Wearing face masks helps stop people from accidentally passing on the virus to others. We all have a responsibility.

People using public spaces and non clinical areas across our sites, including corridors and stairwells, rest areas, staff rooms, offices, porters base, libraries, site shopping and restaurant facilities will need to wear a mask at all times, but it is particularly important when other social distancing measures are not possible.

Face masks are not generally required when outside providing you can maintain social distancing, however they are useful in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible and you may come into contact with others who you would not normally meet. 

The face masks that we will issue to people arriving at our buildings are not medical grade masks but are social level protection, they will not be used in clinical areas as a higher level of protection is required here.

If you are due to travel to one of our sites and are planning to wear a face mask or covering during your journey you will be asked to remove this and replace it with one of the hospital issue masks on arrival. Please help us to deliver our infection prevention and control measures successfully by co-operating with our teams and helping us to stay safe, secure and here for you.

Exemptions around wearing a Face Mask - click here

Patient use of face masks in our community clinics and appointments at home

We are asking that patients who are seen in a community clinic or at home please wear a type 1 face mask for the duration of their visit/appointment. Our community staff can provide you with a type 1 face mask, however, this is voluntary, and only in situations where you can tolerate wearing them. This request is made in the spirit of co-operation and mutual protection for you the patient and our staff. Thank you.