Desmond Macken

“Desmond in control of his own rehabilitation goals”

Desmond Macken from Collyhurst is impressed with the service he has received from the North Manchester Community Assessment Support Service (CASS).

Following extensive spinal surgery, Desmond has returned home to his upstairs cottage flat and is receiving reablement and home pathway services from the CASS a newly developed integrated health and social service.

The team support him with his personal care needs, to get in and out of bed and he also receives therapy from the home pathway’s occupational therapist, physiotherapist and assistant practitioner.

Following the therapist’s specialist assessments, Mr Macken was able to identify his own rehabilitation goals which were to improve his ability to transfer from his wheelchair and to increase the strength in his lower limbs.

During therapy sessions Mr Macken is now able to mobilise using a wheeled zimmer frame and with support from the therapists.

Mr Macken said: “The service that I have received from CASS has been really good.

Therapy is helping lots with reducing pain, especially in my legs, and helping me to stand and walk with the frame. I am also receiving support from the reablement service with my personal care in the mornings and evenings getting in and out of bed.”

Bev Drogan, team lead for the home pathway and senior occupational therapist, said: “Mr Macken’s rehabilitation is ongoing and as an integrated team of health and social care staff, we have a ‘do once and share’ principle, which means that his experience has been streamlined with the elimination of any duplication of services which makes for a better patient experience.

”Mr Macken is awaiting some major adaptations to his home so that he can maximise his independence and the CASS are continuing to work with him in achieving his goals.”