Debbie Hadfield

“The staff at North Manchester General Hospital are a true credit….”

Debbie Hadfield from Bolton has praised staff at North Manchester General Hospital for “literally saving her life.” 

As a very healthy woman who is not usually ill, Debbie woke up early one morning, vomiting violently. Her husband took her to the A&E department at Fairfield General Hospital where she was advised that she had appendicitis.

Debbie was transferred to North Manchester General Hospital and following admittance to the surgical triage unit, a CT scan was performed which confirmed that she had a badly decayed appendix. Debbie underwent emergency surgery to remove her appendix and then spent two days recovering in hospital on ward C5.

She said: “I can’t thank the staff enough, from the nurses on the wards, my surgeon Mr Mansour and his team, the anaesthetist, the lady who carried out my CT scan and the porters. My care and treatment provided by the Trust was amazing – the staff are a true credit to North Manchester General Hospital. They literally saved my life.”