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The Trust's staff are always keen to resolve your concerns at a local level whenever possible.   Therefore, if you are unhappy with any aspect of your care or your relative's care, please speak to your Consultant or the staff on the ward /department and they will be pleased to help you resolve any issues.   

Alternatively, you may want to discuss your concerns with someone in confidence away from the ward/clinical environment. PALS is distinct from the complaints service. Using PALS does not prevent you from making a formal complaint. The PALS team are not clinically trained or qualified and do not provide written responses to complaints. However, they can forward letters/reports from clinicians and staff (with their permission) or a summary of the advice they have provided to you over the telephone.

PALS aim to resolve your concerns but if you wish to make a formal complaint, they will give you information about the Trust's NHS complaints procedure and provide support.

Concerns are usually dealt with by ward staff or PALS and resolved by discussion and liaison with Trust staff. Advice or information is provided verbally. 

Formal written complaints are dealt with by the Complaints Department and letters of complaint are acknowledged in writing within 3 working days.  A complaint response details the results of the investigation which are signed by the Chief Executive or by the relevant Divisional Director on his behalf. 

If you want to make a formal complaint and receive a written response, you can contact the complaints team by e-mail: or by calling the office on 0161 604 5897. You will also need to complete the appropriate consent form below.

The Trust takes all complaints/concerns very seriously and they are all reported in the same way to the Trust Board, to make sure we constantly listen and act to improve the services the Trust provides.