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Dealing with Complaints

The Northern Care Alliance is committed to providing a service which is patient centred and delivers excellent care. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong with your care, and on these occasions we welcome your suggestions on how we can improve services and provide care which better reflects your needs.   The Trust will not discriminate against any individual as a result of making a complaint.

Who can complain?

A complainant can be a person affected or likely to be affected by the actions or decisions of an NHS organisation, providing NHS services or treatments.  A complaint can also be made on behalf of a patient once their written consent has been obtained.

As many problems can be resolved by talking things over we would suggest that in the first instance you tell the person in charge of the ward or department or the Consultant responsible for your care of your worry or problem. If they can help they will be happy to do so.

If you feel you would prefer to speak to someone who is separate from the ward or department then please contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). They offer confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters to patients, their families and their carers.  They provide advice over the telephone but do not provide detailed written responses (these are handled by the Complaints department).