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Chaplaincy & Spiritual Care

The Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care team are an integral part of the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust healthcare team. Our role is to support patients with their clinical treatment and recovery. We listen to and support people with their personal concerns to ensure that their recovery is not affected by concerns, fears or beliefs.

Someone is always available to offer emotional support and/or religious care to patients, carers and staff.  This service is available 24/7 for urgent needs and on the next working day for non-urgent issues.

We provide:

Emotional Support

• Does not include religion (unless requested)

• Focus on emotional comfort and peace

• Can address inner fears

• Uses some stress reduction techniques

• Only addresses issues raised by the patient

• Offers links to other services if desired

Religious Care

• Available from people licensed by your religion

• Part of the NHS

• Bedside prayers and sacraments

• Prayer rooms and chapels on site

• Religious text available

• Links to community faith groups


How do I contact the service?

You can ask any member of staff or call one of the numbers below:


Please ring the hospital switchboard and ask for the Chaplain on 0161 624 0420.

Non-Urgent Enquiries

Please contact one of the site offices listed below:

Fairfield General Hospital - 0161 7783568

North Manchester General Hospital - 0161 7202990

The Royal Oldham Hospital, Rochdale Infirmary and Floyd Unit - 0161 6278796

Team Coordinator - 0161 7785259


When is the service available?

Someone is always available 24/7 to offer emotional support and/or religious care to patients, carers and staff.  For urgent needs we will be with you within the hour, whilst for non-urgent needs we aim to see people by the next working day.

What facilities are available?

Fairfield General Hospital

A chapel is available to all who wish to pray or be quiet. This facility is open 24 hours. We also offer a Prayer Room with a women's area, which is regularly used for Muslim prayers. This facility is also open 24 hours.

A Shabbos Room is available for Jewish staff, patients and visitors.


North Manchester General Hospital  

Christian chapels are St Luke’s (main corridor A Block) and St Raphael’s (main corridor in D block).

We also offer a Muslim Prayer Room and a Quiet Room (both on the second floor of G Block)

A Jewish Shabbos Room is available on the main hospital corridor in D block.

All these facilities are open 24 hours. 


Rochdale Infirmary

The Oasis Multi-Faith room is a quiet space that is available for all (located on the top floor).

There is also a Muslim prayer room with a women’s area.  This facility is open access 9am-5pm, Monday – Friday.  Access is also available with a staff card or via security all other hours


The Royal Oldham Hospital


A Christian chapel is available to all in the Chalmers Keddie Building for those who wish to pray or be quiet.  Due to its location, this facility is only open between 6am – 6pm.


We also offer a Muslim Prayer room with a women’s area, which is open 24 hours (D Block, near the Garden Entrance).




Religious Services Available

Fairfield General Hospital

A Roman Catholic mass is held every Wednesday at 1pm in the chapel.  Muslim Friday prayers are led by a member of staff at 1pm in Prayer Room.


North Manchester General Hospital 

An Ecumenical Communion Service is held every Monday at 12.15pm in St Luke’s chapel (please phone the site office to check on 42990). This service is open to all.

A Christian service is broadcast on Northern Air Hospital Radio every Sunday at 9am. 

Roman Catholic masses are held on Wednesdays in St Rafael’s at 12 noon and Saturdays at 4pm in St Luke’s.

Muslim Friday prayers are led by a member of staff at 1pm in the Prayer Rooms.


The Royal Oldham Hospital 

A Christian worship service is broadcast on Radio Cavell every Sunday at 10.30.

Muslim Friday prayers are led by Chaplain Numan Ahmed at 1pm.


Christian services on hospital radio

The following Christian services are broadcast on hospital radio:

North Manchester General Hospital – 12 noon every Sunday morning on Radio Northern Air (recorded previous week at the Royal Oldham Hospital)

Royal Oldham Hospital – 10.30am every Sunday morning Radio Cavell.