Changing Appointments

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If you are unable to attend for your hospital appointment, outpatient clinic, inpatient appointment or day case procedure, then please let us know as quickly as possible. It is important that appointments don't go to waste when others are in need of our care.

We will be able to cancel your appointment, rearrange your visit for another time and offer your original place to another patient who requires it.

If you find that you can't make your appointment for any reason, please contact our booking teams on the following number 0161 778 2233.

New Patient Booking System

The Trust has introduced a new 'partial booking' system to make it easier for patients and reduce waiting times. It will also reduce the number of appointments that are cancelled or rescheduled by the hospital and by patients, bringing greater efficiency.

If you are a patient and you need a follow up appointment within six week time you will be able to book directly into a clinic slot via the clinic receptionist. If you do not need an appointment within six weeks you will instead receive a letter through the post inviting you to call the hospital booking and scheduling department to arrange a date and time that is convenient for both yourself and the hospital. This will reduce the chance that the appointment could be cancelled or even forgotten. If you do not book an appointment you may be discharged from clinic and a letter will be sent to your GP explaining this.

Read our press release for more information