Bernard Dunne

“I believe that Lisa Smith saved my life; she’s an angel, and Mr Shahbazi the consultant vascular surgeon did fantastic work”

Bernard Dunne, a retired airport parking manager is 65 years old and lives in Moston in Manchester. Bernard first came to hospital in November 2012 where he was treated by the Trust’s community Manchester Leg Circulation Service. Bernard had been experiencing leg pain when walking and had been referred to the Manchester Leg Circulation Service by his GP for further assessment.

He was assessed by Martin Fox the vascular podiatrist on his first visit and was diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease and referred to the community supervised exercise programme. The second time he came in he was assessed by Lisa Smith, the vascular nurse specialist, who suspected that he had an abdominal aortic aneurysm, also known as an AAA. If this ruptured it would become a serious life threatening situation. She urgently referred him to a vascular surgeon and within a few days he was operated on by Mr Shahbazi, the consultant vascular surgeon, for a large abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Since then Bernard has had routine post-op follow up appointments with vascular surgeons and he has now been discharged with no symptoms and good health. Bernard is very pleased with the care and treatment that he has had at the Trust saying: “I could not have had better service if I had gone private.”

He says he was particularly impressed by the treatment he received from Lisa Smith, the vascular nurse specialist and Martin Fox the vascular podiatrist.

“I would like to offer them both my many heartfelt thanks for finding the problem and saving my life. They have such dedication and skill in their professions.

The Manchester Leg Circulation Service are a fantastic team to have in the community.

I believe that Lisa Smith saved my life; she’s an angel, and Mr Shahbazi the consultant vascular surgeon did fantastic work. I want to thank all of them for providing a great service and with such skill. They were all so professional and caring.”

“I feel really well now,” he adds, “and I have a new lease of life. I now have time to spend with my children and grandchildren; many thanks to everyone.”

In November 2015 Lisa Smith won a prestigious national Nursing Times Award.