Appointment reminders and online portal

We’re introducing text message appointment notifications and an online portal over the coming months. It is currently live . We will be offering this service to other areas in 2020.

In order to receive appointment information via your electronic device please make sure that we have your current mobile number recorded in the system by calling 0161 778 2233.

Appointment notification text messages and voice messages

If we have your mobile number, you will receive appointment notifications and reminders by text message.

If we only have your landline, you will receive appointment notifications and reminders by voice message.

Online patient portal

You can now login to our online portal to view information about your appointment and request to change or cancel your appointment.

Get online by following the link in your text messages or by visiting

Once online you can:

  • View appointment details
  • View location information, including google maps and floor plans
  • View important clinic information, this may include leaflets and videos
  • Add your appointment to your personal calendar
  • Request to change of cancel your appointment

How to log in

  • Click on the link in your text message or visit my/pat
  • Insert your name, date of birth and postcode.
  • We’ll send a one-time code to your number to verify it is you. Enter this into the webpage.

Further information

If you are having trouble logging in, please see FAQs.