Pain Management Programme

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Welcome to the Bury Integrated Pain Service’s Web-based Pain Management Programme. It is intended to support you in developing skills to help you manage your pain and improve your quality of life with pain.

It is designed be completed over 6 weeks and each week is divided into different sections.

Introductory Video – this gives brief overview of the topics covered that week and well as prompting you to reflect back on the past week.

To Watch – this section contains videos and presentations to watch, so don’t forget to put the sound on!

To Read – to complement the presentations there are some written pieces of information for you to review.  Some of these will then direct you to the weekly activity to be completed.

To Do - between each session there are some activities for you to be working or skills to practice. This might be exercises to start or worksheets to complete.

Below is an overview of what is covered each week.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions while you are progressing through the course you can contact the clinician who referred you and speak with them.


To Watch

To Read

To Do






Week 1


Introductory Video


Understanding Pain in 5 Minutes


Tame the Beast


Physical Activity and Persistent Pain



Goal Setting Presentation


Acute vs Persistent Pain Benefits of Exercise Introduction to Values

Goal Setting Based on our Values


Why Relaxation Matters


Values Rating Exercise Worksheet


Home Practice: SMART Goal Setting



Start Home Exercise Programme


Relaxation Exercises


Week 2


Introductory Video


Pacing (Part I) Presentation


Activity Pacing Part I Managing Difficult Thoughts STOPP Strategy

Set SMART goal to complete over the next week


Skill Practice Relaxing Using Imagery

Safe Space Imagery STOPP Worksheet Home Exercise Circuit


Week 3


Introductory Video


Pacing (Part II) Presentation


Activity Pacing Part II


Managing Difficult Thought Using Mindfulness

Set SMART Goal to complete over the next week


Daily Mindfulness Exercise


Home Exercise Circuit

Week 4


Introductory Video




Medications Handout


Choice and Demand

Set SMART Goal to complete over the next week


Home Exercise Circuit


Daily Mindfulness Exercise


Week 5


Introductory Video




Improving Sleep

Set SMART Goal to complete over the next week


Home Exercise Circuit


Daily Mindfulness Exercise

Week 6


Introductory Video


Managing Setbacks


Managing Setbacks


Making Changes and Maintaining Progress


Setback Planning