Silver Heart Unit

Who is the service for?

Patients who require a coronary angiogram or a Percutaneous Coronary Intervention will be admitted to the unit.

Patients who require a pacemaker, an implantable defibrillator or an implantable pacemaker for the treatment of heart failure are also admitted to the unit.

It is usual for a Cardiologist or a Specialist Nurse to make a referral to the unit.

What does the service provide?

Coronary Angiography- this is a test using x-ray and an inject able contrast to image the arteries which supply the heart muscle with blood. The objective is to look for any narrowing which may be causing symptoms.

Percutaneous Coronary Intervention - this is a procedure used to open narrowed coronary arteries, a balloon or stent may be inserted into the narrowing to open and allow blood to flow freely.

Pacemaker implantation - this is the implantation of a device to prevent slow heartbeat, this is used to resolve symptoms of dizziness or syncope.

Implantable Defibrillators (ICD) - this is a device implanted to protect against fast heart rates that may lead to life threatening arrhythmias.

Biventricular pacemakers - this is a device implanted to improve and relieve symptoms of heart failure. It is used to resynchronise the pumping action of the heart muscle.

Implantable loop recorders - this is a small device that is implanted under the skin to allow long term detection of fast or slow heart rates. This device is used to help diagnose cardiac arrhythmias, the device records signals from the heart and this is downloadable data that can be viewed by the Cardiac physiologist or the Consultant and allow diagnosis of treatable arrhythmias to take place.

Who will patients meet?

The first point of contact will be by the Silver Heart Unit booking team who will arrange your appointment.

You will be asked to attend a pre-op clinic prior to your procedure date and this is located on ward 2 at Fairfield General hospital. At this appointment you will be greeted by one of the Silver Heart Unit nurses, you will have baseline tests and blood samples taken. The planned procedure will be discussed with you and if you wish and give permission a family member can be present.

On your procedure day you will be asked to report to ward 2 at Fairfield General Hospital and you will be greeted by the nursing team or ward clerk.

You will be prepared in the ward area for your procedure; you will then be transferred to the Silver Heart Unit for your procedure. At the Silver Heart Unit you will be introduced to the team. The team consists of a Cardiologist, a Cardiac radiographer, a Cardiac physiologist and specialist trained nurses.

Following your procedure you will be transferred back to ward 2 to complete your recovery prior to discharge.

When is the service available?

The service operates Monday to Friday 09.00 to 18.00hrs.

Where is the service provided?

The Silver Heart Unit is located at Fairfield General Hospital off the main corridor via the main hospital entrance on the ground floor.

Department contact details

The Silver Heart Unit booking team number- 0161 778 2382/2353.

Practical information

All practical advice will be given at the pre-op clinics and leaflets are available on the trust website.

Key staff/consultants

Manager-  Jeanette Broome

Associate Clinical Director- Dr Tim Gray

Consultant Cardiologist- Dr Mark Hargreaves

Consultant Cardiologist- Dr Idris Khalid

Consultant Cardiologist- Dr Amjed Khan

Cardiologist- Dr P Atkinson

Consultant Cardiologist- Dr M Kale

Consultant Cardiologist- Dr N Jenkins

Consultant Cardiologist- Dr J Swan