Pharmacy Services

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Who is the service for? 

We provide services for inpatients, outpatients, day case patients and patients attending the Accident and Emergency departments and the Urgent Care Centre.

What does the service provide?

Pharmacy provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure that medicines are used in a safe, effective and appropriate way. The pharmacy staff are closely involved in all stages of medicines use from the cost-effective purchase of medicines to taking patient’s medication histories dispensing and checking prescriptions through to assessing the outcomes of medicines in the clinical setting. This is to ensure that the right medicine is used at the right time for the right condition.

North Manchester General Hospital and the Royal Oldham Hospital work with a community pharmacy partner on site (Lloyds Pharmacy) to provide outpatient dispensing services. At Fairfield General Hospital and Rochdale Infirmary, outpatient dispensing is provided by the Trust’s pharmacy service.

The Trust’s Drugs and Therapeutics Committees oversee medicines management issues including the assessment of new drugs. Clinical pharmacy services are supported by the Medicines Information Service and Aseptic services.

Who will patients meet?

Pharmacists are experts on medicines and regularly work with doctors and nurses to advise on the best drug or preparation to use in a given situation. They also provide information to patients about the appropriate use of their medicines. Prescriptions written in hospitals are carefully checked by Pharmacists to ensure that they are correct and appropriate for the patient and where drugs are used together, that they don’t interact. Some pharmacists have specialised in a clinical area and these specialist pharmacists are an important part of the wider clinical team.

Pharmacy technicians work closely with the pharmacists undertaking a number of duties both at ward level and in the department. They play a major role in the dispensing of medication and assessing the suitability for use of patient’s own medicines. They too can advise patients on their medication and they also supervise and check the work of the assistant technical staff.

Assistant technical staff – there are many duties which, while not requiring the detailed knowledge of a pharmacist or the technical expertise of a pharmacy technician, are still vital to supporting the delivery of the pharmacy services. Assistant technical staff are involved in dispensing prescriptions and in the receipt of medicines and their supply to wards and departments within our hospitals. They also have an important part to play is assessing medicines suitable to recycle thus reducing waste.

When is the service available?

Weekdays 09.00 to 17.00.

Saturday & Public Holidays 09.00 to 12.00 (except Rochdale Infirmary site).

Where is the service provided?

Fairfield General Hospital – Blue Block (near the Chapel / Prayer Room).

North Manchester General Hospital – J Block (near Out-Patients A).

The Royal Oldham Hospital – Ground Floor (next to the Main Entrance).

Rochdale Infirmary – Level C (next to Out-patient reception).

Department contact details

North Manchester General Hospital – 0161 720 2175 (Dispensary)

0161 720 2152 (Medicines Information)

The Royal Oldham Hospital – 0161 627 8961 (Dispensary)

0161 627 8968 (Medicines Information)

Fairfield General Hospital – 0161 778 3558 (Dispensary)

Rochdale Infirmary – 01706 517308 (Dispensary)

Practical information

When admitted to hospital, please bring supplies of your current medication, preferably in their original containers. This enables an accurate drug history to be taken and timely administration while in hospital. If any changes are made to your medication while in hospital you will be informed and a supply given to you on discharge.

If you are coming to an outpatient appointment, please bring an up to date list of your medicines with you. If you have an exemption from prescription charges, including a pre-payment certificate, please bring evidence with you in case you have a prescription dispensed.

Medication Helpline

Do you have a question about the medicines given to you by the hospital? If so, please call 0161 625 8337 or 0161 627 8968.

Opening hours 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri. Answerphone may be in operation.

We can only answer questions on medicines given to you by Pennine Acute Hospitals, and cannot answer questions about other people’s medicines.

Key staff/consultants

Chris Poole – Head of Pharmacy

(Fairfield General, Rochdale Infirmary and North Manchester General Hospital)

Mark Livingstone – Head of Pharmacy

(Royal Oldham Hospital).


You can read our formulary agreement by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.