North Manchester Integrated Neighbourhood Care Team (NMINC)

Integrated Neighbourhood teams are community nurses, therapists, general practices and social care working together to provide joined up care.

What do Integrated Neighbourhood teams do?

1. Identify people that are at moderate to very high risk of admission to hospital through both health and social care problems and work in a pro-active way to support them

2. The integration of health and adult social care services. These services will be co-located multi-disciplinary teams including both health and social care professionals who will work together to ensure a coordinated response to the planning and delivery of care for people with complex conditions.

The integrated teams will be known as the One Team and will deliver place based care. Integration and co-location will be over a phased period of time. The City of Manchester is currently segmented into three localities: North, Central and South. These 3 localities will each have 4 Neighbourhoods, 12 in total, that will host the One Team placed base care.

3. There will be a core set of tasks that any member of the INT can perform thus reducing  the number of visits by different staff  to the same  person which will contribute to the financial sustainability of the model. (For further information see Page 43 INT & ICR TOM).

4. Support Planning and promotion of Self Care. Embedding enabling self-care throughout the system will be a key function to the teams. This approach empowers people and their carers to play a central role in both the planning and implementation of their care and Focuses on what matters to the person. The ability to be able to refer into services outside existing formal health and social care structures (e.g. the local voluntary and community sector, or informal networks and support) will be vital to supporting this approach.

5. Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). ABCD is an approach that connects people with the resources that are available in their local community, in order to enhance their health and wellbeing. Asset based care planning and assessment recognises strengths and abilities and not just illness and problems. This might include connecting people with friendship groups, community groups and neighbourhood resources and creative in the way we help people achieve their optimum health and wellbeing.

Key Staff

This is a non-emergency service which specialises in helping people with long term conditions, it is part of the Integrated Care Team.

Patient Stories