Macmillan Living with and Beyond Cancer Programme

helen wrench

Introduction from the “Cancer Triumvirate"

Living With and Beyond Cancer Project

The Trust secured two year funding from Macmillan Cancer Support in 2015 for a Project Team to support cancer clinical teams, aiming to transform care provided to people affected by cancer.  Helen Wrench the Project Lead will continue to work with the cancer teams as further funding has been secured until May 2020. 

The Macmillan Living With and Beyond Cancer project is clinically led and they are working together with  cancer teams across the Trust to implement the Cancer Recovery Package and develop stratified models of care (tailored out-patient follow up) based on the needs and preferences of individuals with emphasis on supported self-management.

Mr John Calleary – newly appointed Clinical Director for Cancer – said that, ‘’this is an important time for cancer services given the continued rise in the incidence of cancer and the complexity of treatments, at a time of financial pressure for organisations to deliver better services and improve patient experience.

National Cancer Guidance highlights that, by 2020, all cancer patients will have access to elements of the Cancer Recovery Package and stratified pathways of care.  

Alison McCarthy – Macmillan Cancer and Palliative Care Lead Nurse  

Nicola Remmington – Lead Cancer Services Manager

Dr Roger Prudham – Deputy Medical Director

Mr John Calleary – Clinical Director for Cancer

What does the project provide?

The Macmillan Living With and Beyond Cancer Programme will entail implementing the cancer “Recovery Package” (see diagram below) across all cancer pathways. The Recovery Package is a combination of different interventions, which when delivered together, will greatly improve the outcomes and coordination of care for people living with and beyond cancer.  These are:

The aim of the overall Macmillan Living With and Beyond Cancer Programme is to create sustainable and equitable services to ensure the best outcomes for the population of Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and to enable people to live well with and beyond cancer.  

This includes the development of supported self-management pathways for those patients who have been treated with curative intent, whose treatment has been completed and in whom the acute effects of treatment have subsided.  Supporting patients to self-manage their own health and wellbeing can meet unmet needs and reduce demand on services, where appropriate.

The programme will be supporting the huge cultural shift that is required to make this programme a success.

The Trust has high expectations of its Lead Cancer Clinicians and Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) in owning, delivering and subsequently sustaining the project outputs.

When is the service available?

The Project Lead is available Tuesday to Friday, between the hours of 7am to 5pm.

Where is the service provided?

Helen Wrench is based in the Marjorie Lees Unit (MLU) at The RoyalOldham Hospital,Rochdale Road,Oldham, OL1 2JH. Helen can be contacted on tel: 0161 656 1250  (Int: 71250) or by email: