Booking and Scheduling


Who is the service for?

The Booking and Scheduling Service operates a Trust-wide patient appointment centre that provides a central point of contact for patients throughout their journey.

The patient appointment centre undertakes the booking and scheduling of patient contacts including community, outpatient and diagnostic appointments, admissions for inpatient and day case procedures and maintains the Trust’s Directory of Services. The service operates extended hours in the evenings and at the weekend to ensure wider patient access. Our aim is to provide one point of contact to ease the patient pathway and improve the patient experience. Our ethos is - ‘Planning Patient Care with Pride’.

What does the service provide?

Through a single contact number you will gain access to a multi-skilled workforce. You will be dealt with by the first person who answers the phone. They will be able to make any inpatient and outpatient appointments, check Choose and Book, schedule operations and answer general appointment enquires.

Who will patients meet while under your service/department's care?

Booking and Scheduling is a non patient facing department but via telephone and email you will gain access to our friendly and helpful team.

When is the service available?

The Booking and Scheduling Service is open: 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 1pm Saturday. Alternatively you can email us at    

Where is the service provided?

The services are delivered for all Trust sites, with the patient appointment centre at Rochdale Infirmary being the central hub for the service.
This department is non-patient facing but is contactable via telephone or email.

Department Contact Details

You can contact the department using the following contact methods:

Tel: 0161 778 2233


Arrangements from 1st April 2021

Please note, in line with the MFT Transaction on 1st April 2021, the Booking & Scheduling Department will be moving into Care Organisation teams. Each Care Organisation team will have its own telephone numbers to ensure the patient is dealt with by the appropriate team. 

The new number telephone numbers are as below: 

North Manchester General (MFT) -  01706 906721

Oldham Care Organisation – 01706 906726

Rochdale Care Organisation – 01706 906727

Bury Care Organisation – 01706 906728

The Endoscopy Team will remain the same telephone number 01706 906788

Cardio Respiratory Team will remain the same telephone number 01706 906725.