Antenatal Care

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Who is the service for?

Antenatal care is for pregnant women.

When a pregnant woman is asked to attend an antenatal clinic at a hospital, it is usually for routine examinations, tests and an ultrasound scan, which helps to make sure both the woman and her baby are healthy, as well as providing an estimated date for the birth. A pregnant woman’s partner, other family member or chosen friend is welcome to attend these appointments with them.

Hospital appointments often last an hour or less, but some may last a full day or require an overnight stay.
Pregnant women are referred into the service by their midwife or GP. 

What does the service provide?

Antenatal care monitors the health of pregnant women throughout their pregnancy, checking on the development of their baby and making preparations for the birth.
The service provides: Midwifery care & advice during pregnancy, ultrasound scan, Antenatal Clinic and an Antenatal Day Unit.

Who will patients meet while under your department’s/service’s care?

If you are pregnant then you are likely to be cared for by a midwife, who may arrange to meet you for the first time at a local clinic or a nearby hospital. They will ask basic health questions and check a woman’s weight, blood pressure and perform other routine tests.

 An ultrasound scan is undertaken by staff specially trained in using ultrasound equipment. The scan is usually done externally; applying gel to a woman’s stomach and rolling a small, hand held scanner over their bump.

In some cases, pregnant women require more complex care, which may be provided by a specialist midwife or one of the hospital’s consultants who will specialise in specific conditions and complications.

When is the service available?

Routine antenatal appointments and scans are available Monday to Friday, between 8am and 5.30pm.
 Overnight antenatal care, providing 24 hour observation and assessment, is available at some hospitals for women experiencing complications during pregnancy and requiring specialist care.

Where is the service provided?

  • Fairfield General Hospital - Antenatal Clinic/ANDU

  • North Manchester General Hospital – Antenatal Clinic/ANDU/MAU

  • Rochdale Infirmary – Antenatal Clinic
The Royal Oldham Hospital – Antenatal Clinic/ANDU

Department contact details

Fairfield General Hospital: 0161 764 6081

North Manchester General Hospital: 0161 795 4567

Rochdale Infirmary: 01706 377777

The Royal Oldham Hospital: 0161 624 0420

Practical information

When attending the antenatal clinic please remember to bring your ‘green notes’ with you (a green bordered, stapled set of notes your midwife gave you), which are a record of your previous appointments. 
If you are attending for an ultrasound scan, please drink water or other liquids prior to your appointment as a full bladder is needed for a good scan.

Key staff/consultants

Head of Midwifery: Eileen Stringer


Mr H Abou Zeid

Mr A Adegbite

Mr O Amu

Dr Z Anjum

Mr N Aziz

Dr S Batra

Mr A Boulos

Mr M Dickson

Dr A Dieh

Mr S Ghobrial

Dr S Ghoshal

Ms V Hall

Dr P Jothilakshmi

Mr D Macfoy

Mr S Maiti

Dr C Mammen

Dr M Preston

Dr U Ramalingham

Miss C Rice

Dr A Shami

Dr P Sivaraman

Dr C Jain

Mrs R Bhalla