Operational Q&As

What will happen to our ID badges and the current branding?

We are working through those issues currently as part of our plans for day one of the transfer. We will be issuing information on this shortly.

Will new starters get smart cards?

Yes, NCA issue smart cards. Some staff utilise Smart cards, but the majority of staff have a username and password. For those jobs that require a smart card, they will be issued when a new starter commences employment, following an authorised request from their manager.

Will on-call payments remain the same?


Can we still receive childcare vouchers?

We are currently checking With HMRC whether childcare vouchers can be transferred to the new provider.  However, childcare vouchers are not classed as a term and condition of employment and so they will not transfer under TUPE regulations. The Government closed the childcare voucher scheme to new joiners on October 2018, so any staff who transfer to the new provider will not be able to join the scheme.

As an alternative to childcare vouchers, the Government has introduced tax free childcare to help parents with their childcare costs. For more information, visit: www.childcarechoices.gov.uk or www.childcare-support.tax.service.gov.uk/.

How soon will we know who our line manager is going to be?

For the majority of community services staff, there will be no change to line management arrangements.  If there are to be any changes to line managers, this will be agreed over the next 2-3 weeks.

Will there be secondment opportunities at the Northern Care Alliance?


What will happen with prescription pads and ordering systems?

We are currently working through this in our plans for the July 1st transfer date – referred to as Day 1. We expect that systems and processes will largely remain the same to ensure seamless working and the least disruption to staff and service users.

Will we have a local identity, for example in Oldham, with Oldham Cares organisation?

ID badges are currently being discussed within the Northern Care Alliance to ensure that the identity of staff and who they work for or are aligned to is clear.  We are currently discussing with staff what is the best approach to this.

Will we still get discounted parking?

We’re currently looking into this. The Northern Care Alliance want staff to pay reasonable amounts for parking, so they’re exploring ways to keep the costs down.

What will happen with uniforms?

Uniforms will remain the same if they don’t have our logo on them.  For those that do have our logo on them, there will be a gradual process of replacing uniforms.

Will the Northern Care Alliance continue to be flexible with start/finish times?


Will systems for ordering nursing supplies change? If so, when?

Any orders placed through NHS supply chain will continue as normal, you will not need to make any changes in the way you access the system or raise orders. For anything which is currently ordered via Oracle you will order via a system called eProcurement. Further information and training will be provided in the coming weeks.

What is happening with parking? For example staff are currently given subsidised parking on certain sites for a period of time, will this continue?

This is dependent on the arrangements currently in place and whether this can be negotiated to continue, however, this is something that the NCA will look into as they are committed to staff paying reasonable amounts for parking charges.  The NCA will work in partnership with staff and managers to alleviate the financial pressures on staff in regard to parking charges.

What about claims for mileage?

Please ensure that all claims for mileage are completed by the beginning of July, for travel incurred in June.  We will pay this out to you at the end of July 2019 - you will get two payslips to show we have done this.

What will happen as regards the Care Quality Commission (CQC)?

We have now de-registered services that are being transferred. The Northern Care Alliance will re-register these services under their name. Any improvement plans will transfer over to actions for the Northern Care Alliance. Services transferring over are being given 12 months to settle after 1 July transfer date before any future CQC inspections take place.

Will line managers require to manage staff in terms of two sets of policies and procedures? e.g. sickness and absence.

Yes. Line managers will need to be aware of PCFT policies and procedures and also NCA policies and procedures in order to manage their staff. It will be the same for integrated managers who are employed by local councils. NCA will support those managers and provide training as necessary.

Clinical Governance

Patient Experience - How are we capturing patient experiences post transfer?

Both trusts use the same Friends and Family Test provider. SRFT will ensure a day one approach for transferring PCFT staff.

Does SRFT have a patient safety improvement group or will this be set up in borough once we transfer?

Local arrangements will continue as normal post transfer.

What do SRFT have set up in the way of ensurng patient safety incidents are reviewed and scrutinised and any learning captured?

Local arrangements for this will continue as normal.

How does SRFT manage risk, local risk: how are they managed and what is the policy surrounding risk management?

Risks will be managed locally by the borough Governance lead.

When will we have access to contact details for issues relating to infection, prevention and control?

Contact details for the Specialist Nurse for issues relating to infection, prevention and control will remain the same. The contact is Annmarie Aziz on 0161 716 3089 /  0774 700 6592

What are the arrangements around storage (melatonin) and local procedures in integrated services?

Audiology will share the medicine cabinet with MSK Physio following transfer.

Will there be arrangements for Interdependent services e.g. Child Health (Bury and Oldham)?

Yes. There will be a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between SRFT and PCFT for the provision of management arrangements following the transfer.

There will also be an Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) between SRFT and PCFT for the sharing of appropriate information.

Will we still be using the same safeguarding system?

You will be moving from Ulysses Safeguarding to the NCA system Datix. From July 1st, staff will be able to access Datix from a link on the PCFT Transfer Hub.


Will there be any Communications to patients regarding the transfer?

Posters and leaflets have been distributed to all patient access points advising of the change from 1st July. There is also reference to changes on PCFT/NCA websites.

What will happen to existing branding e.g. Oldham Cares/Together 4 Bury/SRFT/NCA) ) and  will staff will be able to update resource e.g. leaflets in preparation for Day 1?

Rebranded printed materials may come after day one due to depletion of exiting materials. Branding relating to local care organisations will remain and be managed by localities as before.

Where will patients go to Self-refer as this is currently done though the PCFT website?

These access points are being transferred to the NCA website and full instructions will be available for patients on both the PCFT and NCA websites. Links will also be provided from the PCFT website to the NCA website.

Contracts and Finance

Is there a risk if CHIS is not transferring, this will have an impact on CHIS funded admin?

NHSE are still considering the Commissioning arrangements for CHIS. In the meantime there will be a letter of agreement between SRFT and PCFT to ensure management and information sharing arrangements are not affected by the transfer.

Will the any locality transport provision remain after the transfer?

Transport provision will continue as normal until a review can be undertaken.

How do we access interpreters after the July 1st transfer date?

There will be no change to the current process that allows you to access interpreters after the July 1st transfer date.