Triple SCAPE Accreditation for Northern Care Alliance Teams

Triple SCAPE Accreditation for Northern Care Alliance Teams
Triple SCAPE Accreditation for Northern Care Alliance Teams
06 August 2020

Three Northern Care Alliance NHS Group teams are celebrating after achieving SCAPE accreditation. 

SCAPE accreditation is a standard that has been set by the Northern Care Alliance (NCA) Group to provide reassurance to patients that they are receiving Safe, Clean and Personal Care every time they visit a hospital or receive care from a nursing team within the NCA group. This sought-after accreditation demonstrates that teams are consistently delivering high quality, patient-focused care. 

The teams to receive this special accreditation include the Community Integrated Respiratory Team and Children’s Community Nursing Team at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Ward T5 Colorectal team from The Royal Oldham Hospital. 

The three teams were approved for SCAPE accreditation at this week’s NCA Committees in Common board meeting. The teams had been due to be assessed by the SCAPE panel in March, but this was delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

NCA Chief Nurse, Elaine Inglesby-Burke, said: “We are delighted that these three teams have achieved SCAPE accreditation. They all demonstrated fantastic evidence, passion and commitment to providing the highest standard of patient-focused care. Given the challenges faced by our teams as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, to achieve SCAPE accreditation given this backdrop is particularly impressive. Each of these teams should feel very proud of their achievements and how well they have supported the organisation and each other during the pandemic.” 

For a department to achieve SCAPE status, they must have maintained Level 2 green NAAS/CAAS status for a minimum of 24 months - a total of 3 assessments. 

The NAAS (Nursing Assessment and Accreditation System) is a performance framework system used on all ward areas, and the CAAS (Community Assessment and Accreditation System) is used on all community areas, to highlight best practices as well as deficiencies in practice, patient safety, education and management. 

The schemes measure the quality of nursing care delivered by individuals and teams and provides evidence that teams are meeting the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC’s) fundamental compassionate care standards and reliable delivery of quality improvement programmes. 

The assessment measures 13 standards covering areas including patient safety, infection control, safeguarding, medicines management and a number of other key care standards. The scheme helps support nurses to understand how they deliver care, identify what works well and areas where further improvement is needed. 

Teams that want to achieve and maintain both Green NAAS/CAAS and SCAPE accreditation need to demonstrate consistently high quality care and patient-focused standards are being met in their department/team. They are also asked to showcase best practice to other wards and departments throughout the organisation.

Teams have to undergo a rigorous assessment process to achieve the accreditation and have to present to a SCAPE Review Panel. The team are asked how they propose to maintain standards and how they will showcase best practice to the rest of the organisation. Many factors are considered by the panel, including the department’s performance indicators i.e. sickness and absence, number of complaints and any risk management issues. Departments with SCAPE accreditation continue to be reviewed by a panel on a yearly basis. They have an annual NAAS assessment and are set specific SCAPE competencies that they must meet. 

Angela Entwistle, Ward Manager on Ward T5 Colorectal Ward at The Royal Oldham Hospital, said: “We are thrilled to achieve SCAPE status. Everyone has really embraced the principles behind the NAAS and SCAPE accreditation schemes and we are fully focused on delivering the best patient care possible. All the team have worked really hard to ensure that we consistently deliver safe, personal and effective care to all our patients, in what can sometimes be a challenging environment.” 

Agnes Leopold-James, Lead Nurse for Children’s Targeted Services at Salford Royal Children’s Services, said: “The Children’s Community Nursing Team are delighted to achieve SCAPE accreditation. The team have worked very hard to achieve and maintain CAAS standards over the past 20 months or so. We’re proud of the multi-disciplinary work we do with other teams and specialisms across Salford, to ensure that children and their families are able to access the support they need. The postcards we sent to families during the pandemic were just one important way of staying in touch with families and we’re really pleased that the SCAPE panel liked them.” 

Melissa Collinge, Respiratory Nurse Service Lead from The Community Integrated Respiratory Team at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The team are very proud to achieve SCAPE accreditation, particularly at such a challenging time with the COVID pandemic. We are committed to delivering safe, supportive and compassionate care. During the pandemic, we’ve had to innovate with the way we care for our palliative care patients by using remote care reviews, to ensure they continue to receive the care they need. To achieve SCAPE accreditation is a fantastic reward.”