New Taskman app launched to speed up patient discharge

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New Taskman app launched to speed up patient discharge
16 October 2019

A locally-configured task management App has been launched at The Royal Oldham Hospital to support the discharge process of patients through and out of hospital.

Managers and nurses at Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust have helped develop the discharge task management - ‘Task Man’ - app (application) to digitally flag up those patients who are medically fit for discharge that day and identify the various procedures and tasks required to be completed before they can go home.

The application was originally tested at Salford Royal Hospital and has been improved and adapted for use at its neighbouring hospitals within the Northern Care Alliance Group.

At The Royal Oldham Hospital, i-pad minis have been distributed to discharge co-ordinators and patient flow trackers to input information onto a new sophisticated status dashboard. Bed mangers will be able to view the dashboard and identify at a glance outstanding tasks and procedures.

Anticipated benefits of using the application include reducing the many face-to-face meetings and phone calls normally required each day to get up to date information on bed availability.

Real time information about each patient is supplied from the patient record system (PAS) to the Task Management application. This will enable staff to access the most up-to-date information possible on the discharge status of each patient on the wards. Any issues or blockages can therefore be highlighted and escalated immediately;, supporting the flow and discharge of patients.

The application will be initially piloted on a number of medical wards at The Royal Oldham as a proof of concept.

The application is unique in that, rather than providing just a list of outstanding tasks against patients, it will also offer an overall view of the number of medically fit patients in the hospital and those who can be discharged that day.

What this means for patients

The application aims to improve:

  • Smoother and more efficient discharge process with less delays
  • Timely discharge from hospital
  • Avoiding long waits in the discharge lounge
  • Quicker transfers from hospital to care or support facility
  • Quicker admission from Emergency Department onto wards, if required
  • Increased bed availability meaning less operations need to be cancelled long term
  • Better patient care and outcomes as more efficient working

 What this means for staff

  • Reducing time spent on collecting the day’s list of tasks so more time to perform tasks
  • Real time bed availability information
  • Increased satisfaction as a smoother task management system means clear identification of tasks and allocated responsibility

Benefits to the organisation  

  • Improved bed availability from faster discharges and more patients being discharged before 2pm
  • Improved patient safety by clearer and more real-time identification of patients
  • Better and more accurate management information with clearer picture of hospital status
  • Better use of resources within the discharge coordination process and the trust Bed Management Process
  • Increased digital maturity

For more information, please contact Angela Barnes, GDE Fast Follower Project Coordinator at