NCA LGBT Pride Week 2020

LGBT Pride Week 2020
NCA LGBT Pride Week 2020
24 August 2020

Staff Message from Raj Jain – LGBT Pride Week

I am very proud of all our staff, but next week’s NCA Pride celebrations give me a chance to specifically thank and publically support out LGBTQ+ staff.

There will not be the same Manchester Pride celebrations this year over the August Bank Holiday due to COVID19, however, we have decided at the Northern Care Alliance, across all our Care Organisations and various hospital and community settings, to celebrate #NCAPride2020.

Research from the LGBT Foundation's Hidden Figures Report shows us that LGBTQ+ people have felt more isolated than most during the epidemic for a number of reasons, and our own national staff survey results suggest that our Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual staff still feel less valued and have worse experiences at work than their Heterosexual colleagues, sadly at present the national staff survey doesn’t allow us to breakdown the experiences of our trans colleagues either. 

Therefore, I am pleased that along with other staff networks, LGBTQ+ staff networks are being established across the Care Organisations. They will work with our leadership teams and Inclusion Centre of Excellence to continue to share the experiences of our LGBT colleagues and identify improvements to ensure our organisation is better able to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ staff and patients, and have a positive impact on reducing the LGBTQ+ inequalities people face across our communities.

I am asking for all of you to pledge to support our LGBTQ+ staff and patients by committing to being allies. Being an ally means being more aware of your personal impact, accepting the relevance of how others feel, asking questions when you are not sure, and consciously challenging comments and behaviours which are discriminatory.

I’d like you to make a personal or team commitment, such as those below, and share it;

To Make a Pledge yourself, download here and share it on Twitter using the hashtag #NCAPride2020. 

  • I pledge to educate others about LGBTQ+ issues.
  • I pledge not to assume the gender of somebody’s partner.
  • I pledge to be intentionally inclusive, understanding the inequalities LGBTQ+ people experience and seeking ways to reduce these through my actions.
  • I pledge to learn more through listening and hearing the experiences of LGBTQ+ colleagues.
  • I pledge to always consider how my actions could impact others.
  • I pledge to be an ally and call out homophobia and transphobia when I see it.
  • I pledge to include my pronouns within my email signature. 

 I will personally commit next week to listening to our LGBTQ+ staff about their experiences.