99th Oldham Scouts and Beavers Visit The Royal Oldham Hospital

Scouts and Beavers visit to The Royal Oldham Hospital
99th Oldham Scouts and Beavers Visit The Royal Oldham Hospital
25 September 2019

Scouts and beavers from the 99th Oldham Compass Scouts’ group in Chadderton brought kindness and cheer to patients in The Royal Oldham Hospital when they made a special visit to meet patients and present them with get well soon cards and chocolate.

They made the special visit to meet patients on the Children’s Ward, Birth Centre and G1 Discharge Unit and also spoke to Ward Managers to find out more about the work that takes place in each area.

The scouts spent a lot of time before the visit designing and making get well soon cards, which were presented with free chocolate, much to the delight of patients, as they toured the wards. They spent time meeting other children in the Children’s Unit before visiting the hospital’s birth centre and G1 discharge unit, which cares for patients who are living with dementia and many of whom are recovering after a fall.

Simone Gorman, Interim Associate Director of Nursing (Paediatrics and Neonates), said: “We always love it when the scouts, cubs and beavers visit. They bring lots of energy, enthusiasm and fun to the hospital and our patients and staff always enjoy it. They’re a wonderful tonic for our patients and we look forward to working together on future projects.”

Amaara Khan, Urgent Care Commissioning Lead and Scout Leader, who leads the 99th Oldham Compass Scout’s group, said: “This visit has been a great way for the scouts to engage with the local community and the NHS in a creative way.

“We hope that this is the first of many visits for our cubs and beavers to the hospital. We’re keen to support the hospital with other projects such as the end PJ paralysis initiative, which aims to encourage patients to get dressed and out of bed during their stay in hospital. Our cubs and beavers always learn so much and get a great deal out of these visits. We hope that the visit from our scouts and beavers has helped to brighten the day of patients, as they recover.”