‘There’s still a smile behind the mask’: Local NHS staff ask patients to follow new video guidance when coming to hospital

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‘There’s still a smile behind the mask’: Local NHS staff ask patients to follow new video guidance when coming to hospital
19 October 2020

At the start of International Infection Prevention and Control Week, patients attending local hospitals and community appointments in Oldham, Bury, Rochdale and Salford are being asked to follow guidance and advice outlined in a new video, released this week.

The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, which runs the hospitals, has produced a short online patient information film which outlines what patients can expect and the stringent infection prevention and control measures that are in place across the four hospital sites to keep everyone safe and to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and other infections.

Designed to inform, educate and reassure patients due to attend routine appointments as services start to return after the Covid-19 pandemic, the film covers a number of important details that patients will be able to watch to help them prepare for their hospital visit.

Dr Chris Brookes, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Medical Officer at the NCA Group explained: “Every effort is being done to ensure our hospitals and services are covid safe for our staff and patients. We want to reassure our patients that if they need to come into hospital for either an emergency or planned appointment that they will be safe and secure. We know it’s been a daunting and difficult time for many, and we are keen to put every measure we can in place to try and help take away any concerns or worries people have about returning to clinics or for planned treatments and surgery. Just as our staff are required to follow our strict biosafety measures, our patients will also be expected to follow our rules and guidance to play their part in keeping everyone safe.”

The five minute film, which is available on YouTube and the NCA’s website at www.pat.nhs.uk and on social media provides useful information for the public about attending appointments, what to bring, what to expect, the need to wear a face mask, keeping socially distant, maintaining personal hygiene and other Covid-related guidance.

It also talks to viewers about how both clinical and non-clinical members of hospital and healthcare staff will also be wearing face coverings during consultations and whilst moving around the hospital, but that patients should not be concerned, as there is still definitely a smile behind the mask.

Tammy Pike, Director of Patient Experience said: “We know some people may be  worried about coming back to the usual clinics and appointments, but we want to reassure patients across all of our communities that our staff will make sure you are safe and secure, and that they’re still here for you when you need them.  You may not be able to see their faces behind their masks as you normally would, but our staff will do everything they can to reassure you and ensure you feel their smiles in the way they deliver your care.”

The video features footage and members of staff from The Royal Oldham Hospital, Salford Royal, Fairfield General Hospital in Bury and Rochdale Infirmary, all of which form part of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group.

For more information about your local hospital and what to expect when you attend, how to manage Covid restrictions, and what to do if you have any concerns, visit www.pat.nhs.uk