Message from Chief Executive Raj Jain - Celebrating NHS72 and thank you

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Message from Chief Executive Raj Jain - Celebrating NHS72 and thank you
03 July 2020

When I look back on how our organisation has responded to the pandemic and coped over the past few months, I do so with an immense sense of pride.

Together we have been through the unthinkable. We have made the impossible possible. Our resilience has been tested time and time again yet, day in day out, in the true spirit of our NCA Family, we have never given up on this fight to ensure our patients and our staff remain safe and supported.

There have been, and will continue to be, some incredibly difficult times and as we all know, COVID-19 remains with us and a constant battle that we are faced with each and every day both in our hospitals, in the community and in our own homes.

And as we head towards the 72nd anniversary of the NHS on Sunday 5 July – we are faced with yet another challenge as we anticipate the impact on our services when pubs and restaurants begin to reopen tomorrow. We are now experiencing increased demand in some of our services, particularly in A&E, but I know we will get through this as we always do – together – and with our local healthcare partners.  We will be asking the public to play their part.

During the pandemic I have been humbled by the acts of kindness you have shown to each other and the support we have received from the local community. There is not a single person in the NCA and across the NHS who has not had a part to play and we will come through  this stronger than before.

Whilst we know this fight with Covid-19 is not over and we all have a responsibility to keep safe and protect each other, we must focus on our ‘new normal’, our recovery and the way in which we must now serve and support our communities.

On Sunday, as many of us take to the streets to clap for carers for the final time to mark the momentous anniversary of the NHS, we will all reflect on what we have experienced in many different ways.

It’s of course important that we all take a moment to remember all those we have lost to COVID-19, including members of our own NCA Family.

We have all been affected in one way or another; from our clinical teams working on the frontline, our community colleagues, the many corporate functions that have had to support our infrastructure and frontline services, adapt and work very differently from home, those who were redeployed into different roles to support our response to COVID-19 – whatever part you have played, thank you.

We wanted to give you a lasting memento to mark NHS72 and following on from the huge success of our NCA Family letters, we have produced a beautiful birthday card, which we hope you will print off and share with your family and loved ones - here.

It may not feel like a time to celebrate but it’s definitely a time to be thankful, thankful that we have been able to successfully discharge many patients from all our care organisations who have survived this dreadful virus.

Please continue to look out for each other and recognise when a colleague might just need a bit of help. Your physical and mental health and wellbeing is important to us and we want to remind you that there is support still available.

Thank you for your continued dedication, commitment and team work.

Best wishes,

Raj Jain

Chief Executive, Northern Care Alliance NHS Group