Your Health Matters launches

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Your Health Matters launches
09 October 2019

‘Your Health Matters’ is our new series of free talks and tours which aims to give members an insight and learn more about various conditions, treatments and services offered at the NCA. Not only will you hear from a wide range of hospital services, but also from community and social care services that are providing care for people close to their own homes and how to support you and your loved ones health and wellbeing.

We never stop learning about our health, and it is important that we make good lifestyle choices from childhood, the formative teenage years, through to adulthood and into our older years. We want to support our communities in this as ‘Your Health Matters’.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future events/topics, please let us know - 01706 517302 or email




2 – 3 pm

Trauma & Orthopaedics, Dr Zaf Naqui, Consultant



1 – 3 pm

Community Care Teams  (Falls, Respiratory, Bladder & Bowel) – Charlotte Marshall & Sharon Hollister



2 -3 pm

Cancer Overview – Dr Prudham, Clinical Lead for cancer



2 – 3 pm

Heart Failure, Toni Weldon


To book a place on any of the events please contact the membership office 01706 517302 or email