World renowned orchestra provides musical oasis at Rochdale Infirmary

Halle at Oasis
World renowned orchestra provides musical oasis at Rochdale Infirmary
27 February 2020

The gentle lilt of classical music drifted along the corridors of Rochdale Infirmary yesterday as patients and visitors to the Oasis Unit were treated to a private recital by members of the award winning Hallé Orchestra.

The benefits of musical therapy in the treatment of a range of healthcare conditions are well documented and the Oasis Unit, which is dedicated to the support of patients with dementia and confusion suffering with acute medical conditions, were treated to arguably the finest form there is when the Hallé paid them a visit.

“Music can have a powerfully therapeutic effect on patients with dementia,” said Jackie Heatley, Assistant Director of Nursing at Rochdale Infirmary.  “It can improve mood and encourage physical activity but it can also help them to recall otherwise irretrievable memories, regain a sense of self and reconnect with family members over shared memories.  We are so privileged that the Hallé have been able to support us in this way, they do some fantastic work for people living with dementia.”

The Hallé is registered as a Dementia Friendly organisation and works with a number of organisations that specialise in caring for the elderly and those suffering from dementia. Based in Manchester, the world-renowned symphony Orchestra and their administration team have all received training on the impact of dementia on patients’ and carers’ lives and gained awareness of the specific needs of some members of their audience to ensure that all are welcome at their recitals and concerts.

Speaking about the Hallé’s visit, Oasis Unit Ward Manager, Courtenay Lomax commented: “We could visually see the positive impact it had on our patients and we can’t wait to welcome them again.”

The Hallé’s visit to the Oasis Unit is part of an ongoing programme community engagement activity and they will be joining patients and visitors at Rochdale Infirmary again next month.