Trust hospitals gear up for International Clinical Trials Day

Trust hospitals gear up for International Clinical Trials Day
19 May 2016

CELEBRATION stands have been set up at North Manchester General Hospital, Fairfield General Hospital, The Royal Oldham Hospital and Rochdale Infirmary to celebrate International Clinical Trials Day which takes place tomorrow (Fri 20 May).

The stands will be manned by research staff from each of the Trust’s hospitals, who will be on hand all day to provide information and answer any questions staff, patients, and the public have about research at the Trust.

There will be plenty of information available to take away as well as the opportunity to register an interest in research, and for those who have already participated in research, an opportunity to provide feedback.

Steve Woby, Director of Research & Development at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said:

“International Clinical Trials Day is a brilliant opportunity to engage with the public, patients and staff to raise awareness of the importance of research, and showcase some of the fantastic research achievements of the Trust. Clinical research is a core part of the NHS and we are committed to providing as many patients as possible with a chance to participate in high quality research.”

International Clinical Trials Day is a national celebration that is held every year to mark the anniversary of the world’s first recorded clinical trial in 1747, when Dr James Lind investigated the treatment of scurvy.

It gives people the chance to highlight the continued importance of research in healthcare, in discovering new treatments, and making sure that we use existing treatments in the best possible ways. It is essential to diagnose, treat, prevent, and cure disease.

During 2015/16 the Trust successfully recruited approximately 5000 patients to high quality studies across 25 clinical specialities.

Our Trust promises to provide excellent quality, safe, evidence-based patient care and to push the boundaries of care delivery and efficiency by adopting best practice and building on our current knowledge.

The Research Department is made up of dedicated, compassionate staff, who are committed to providing high quality research for our patients. We have an excellent reputation, both globally and within the UK, and have won several awards highlighting varying successes within the department.

We have over 350 research studies in 25 different specialities, and we are continuously opening new studies to give as many of our patients as possible the chance to participate in high quality research, and improve the care of future patients with innovative treatments. Research is vital to improving healthcare, but research couldn’t be done without those who choose to participate.

In January the Trust successfully signed up the first patient in the UK to an international clinical research trial seeking to evaluate whether a drug is effective and safe in treating patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus and diabetic kidney disease, in addition to regular therapy.

Pictured, left to right: Deborah Hall, senior diabetes research nurse at North Manchester General Hospital; Professor Cuong Dang, principal investigator and diabetes consultant; patient Mr Shafquat Hussain; Joanne Shaw, study co-ordinator/diabetes research nurse and Gina North, clinical trials administrator.