The bare bones - Trauma and orthopaedic surgery talk – 19 March

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The bare bones - Trauma and orthopaedic surgery talk – 19 March
06 March 2015

THE Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust is inviting the public, staff and its members to a special ‘Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery’ talk at the Post-Graduate Education Centre at North Manchester General Hospital on Thursday 19th March, 10.30am – 11.30am.

Trauma and orthopaedic surgery is the branch of medicine that deals with the surgical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. This includes diseases and disorders affecting bones, joints, muscles and tendons.

The talk will be given by Mr Richard Heasley, consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the Trust.

He said: “The orthopaedic department has recently undergone significant expansion, and we now have the facility to treat virtually all orthopaedic conditions within the Trust. A huge number of patients within the Pennine Acute catchment area will suffer from orthopaedic disorders, and we are ideally equipped to give them the highest quality care.”

The Trust has 25 orthopaedic consultants (surgeons) who work across its four hospital sites at North Manchester and Fairfield General Hospitals, The Royal Oldham and Rochdale Infirmary, offering services encompassing all aspects of orthopaedics, from hand to foot and everywhere in between. The activity is broadly divided into trauma and elective services.

Trauma services involve the treatment of patients with broken bones (fractures) and other injuries around limbs and joints. Common injuries include wrist and ankle fractures with hip fractures being particularly common, with over 60,000 people each year sustaining this injury in the UK.  The Pennine Acute Trust treated 737 patients with hip fractures last year.

Elective orthopaedic services involve planned procedures (such as hip and knee replacements) for long-term conditions, such as arthritis. The Trust performs the second highest number of joint replacements in the North West, including complex revision procedures. The department also offers services including keyhole surgery on the upper limb, in the shoulder, wrist and elbow (including sports medicine procedures such as tendon repairs and treating unstable joints), as well as keyhole surgery to the joints of the lower limb (hip, knee and ankle).

A huge number of people suffer from musculoskeletal disorders – 30% of GP appointments are for a musculoskeletal problem and in the UK in 2014, 8.3 million working days were lost to these conditions with 60% of people on long-term sick leave affected by musculoskeletal problems. One of the commonest of these conditions is osteoarthritis (wear and tear of the joints), which most frequently affects the hip or knee. 8.5 million people in the UK are affected by this condition, with the number expected to double to 17 million by 2030. This will significantly increase the number of patients needing surgery, such as joint replacement surgery including total hip replacement or total knee replacement.

The free event will give delegates the opportunity to find out more this fascinating area of medicine and the services provided at the Trust.

Medicine for Members’ events are free and are held regularly at our four hospital sites, to give the public, staff and the Pennine Acute Trust’s Foundation Trust members the opportunity to learn more about the services at PAHNT. So far, more than 11,900 people have signed up to become FT members.

To book your place contact Angela Greenwood on 01706 517302 or email