Thank you for your donations!

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Thank you for your donations!
01 July 2020

As we celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the NHS on July 5 – we wanted to mark the momentous occasion by giving a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to every local business, national organisation, school,  community group, religious organisation, member of staff and individual who has made donations to the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group during the Covid pandemic.

Staff at The Royal Oldham, Rochdale Infirmary, Fairfield and Salford Royal have received huge numbers of donations from local businesses, schools, colleges, public sector partners and individuals, to help support them through the challenges they’ve faced over the last four months.

From hot meals and drinks to hand cream and shower gel, sweets and treats to personal protective equipment, our teams have been inundated with contributions that have been gratefully received and distributed across our wards and departments, boosting morale and helping  to bring a smile to the faces of thousands of patients and staff every day. 

From food and drink delivered by local takeaways and national chains including Nandos, Krispy Kreme and Dominos, to boxes of toiletries, toys and stationery brought into the dedicated teams who have registered each item and distributed the boxes, pallets and cages across our four hospital sites, a task akin to a military operation.

The kindness and generosity demonstrated by our local communities has been felt and appreciated in wards, units, departments and teams in every part of our organisation.

Steve Brookes, Head of Business Development for Northern Care Alliance was brought in to help co-ordinate the donation process as the pandemic hit, organising teams at each site to receive and distribute goods. He said: “We have received an unprecedented number of donations since the start of the Covid19 crisis, demonstrating how kind, generous and thoughtful our local communities and businesses are.

“It’s been incredible really, and I would like to say a personal thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and to those who continue to donate, your generosity is appreciated and we are so very grateful. Thank you so very much.”

We’ve seen heartwarming items to help raise spirits and bring a smile, including dozens of identical pairs of hand-knitted hearts and teddies, created  by staff members and their families, to help our Covid patients to stay connected to their loved ones, with one for the patient and the other given to the relative to keep them close during their stay in hospital.

We’ve also been grateful to receive dozens of pieces of technology including ipads, phones and tablets, many of which were bought with money raised by our very own colleagues, including Leona Harris from Bury Care Organisation, Anne Marie Travers and  Elizabeth Sandham, also at Bury Care Organisation. These items have been invaluable to our patients, helping them to stay in touch with their families, a real boost for patients when visiting in person has been restricted during the pandemic.

Our clinical and non clinical staff have also stepped up and got active, creative and imaginative in helping to raise funds and donate items to the organisation, including  Craig Troth, Personal Assistant & Secretary at the Emergency Department & PANDA Unit at Salford Care Organisation who raised £300 for the NCA, after completing a sponsored 10k run, and Dr Glyn Smurthwaite, Consultant Anaesthetist and Dr Stuart Watson, Head of R&D Services in Medical Physics who designed and commissioned thousands of protective visors, which were manufactured by a task force of staff volunteers.

Members of the public have also come together and gone the extra mile raising funds and making donations to our hospitals during the Covid19 crisis, showing incredible community spirit, including visually-impaired Manchester City FC fan Jackie Allan from Rochdale has been fundraising for The Royal Oldham Hospital. Jackie managed to raise a donation of £500 by collecting funds from fellow Manchester City FC fans, which were used to purchase a whole array of PPE items including aprons, masks, gloves, hand creams and disinfectant sprays for staff at the hospital.

Meanwhile the younger members of our local communities have stepped up to help too, with schools in Bury, Oldham, Rochdale and Salford all sending in pictures and artwork  to help cheer up our staff and patients, boosting their morale at a time when it’s needed.

Eight year old Emily Prescott created toiletry bags for our ICU teams after her grandad received treatment at The Royal Oldham, and Bury schoolgirls Lucy an d Sadie, aged 11 and nine, bought provisions out of their own pocket money for the Community Services teams after hearing about the challenges being faced by their mum who works in the team.

All donations received have been recorded, with acknowledgement letters currently being sent to all contributors to thank them for their generosity and kindness.

(Caption: Top left - A large number of fantastic blankets and hats etc for the premature babies have been donated, Top right - Joe Cunningham is one of our Waiting List Co-Ordinators who donated some incredible wellbeing packs for colleagues, Bottom left - Thank you to John Marren from The Company Shop in Middleton for their very generous donation of toiletries for our staff wellbeing rooms, Bottom right - Thank you to Morrisons for the recognition and donations for the amazing HMR children's community team.)

(Caption: Top left - Thanks to our domestics colleague Ann Marie Travers who, with the help of the local community, donated a number of tablets to help our patients stay in touch with their loved ones, Top right - Staff received a number of donations from Secret Hamper, Bottom left - Thank you to Envantage Ltd for their very generous donation to our ScrubHub and the delicious HotelChocolat hamper for Rochdale Infirmary Outpatients team, Bottom right - A big thank you to Sam, Andrea and Ashley from Boots in Rochdale for the water for our hospital and community staff.)

(Caption: Top left - Members of our community teams were delighted to receive a floral thank you from the Government of Kenya, Top right - The Greengate Trust donated a number of comfort packs for our patients, Bottom left - Thanks very much to Beth Kitchen and her daughters for the lovely donation and letters they made for our patients, Bottom right - Our NCA Transport Manager collecting some Unilever donations.)

(Caption: Top left - Jennifer Dodds from Ultimate Products Oldham donated a number of items to our community teams to be distributed to vulnerable families in Oldham, Top right - we received a number of donations of hand cream and lip balm, Bottom left - Leona Harris from Bury Care Organisation raised an incredible amount of money to provide tablets for patients to keep in touch with their loved ones, Bottom right - 6-year-old Annie decided to raise money for her local hospital & created some beautiful bracelets, which she sold outside her house & raised £100.)

(Caption: Left - I'm Proud delivered a number of treats to our staff in Oldham, Top right - Krispy Kreme delivered sweet treats to staff across the NCA, Bottom right - Denise Graham from BNY Mellon brought in 9 iPads to help our critical care patients stay in contact with their families.)