Pioneering Chief Nurse retires after 43 years NHS service

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Pioneering Chief Nurse retires after 43 years NHS service
02 October 2020

ELAINE Inglesby-Burke CBE, Group Chief Nursing Officer at Salford Royal and the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group (NCA) is retiring on 2 October after 43 years in the NHS.

Credited by Ruth May, Chief Nurse for England, for the Board to ward programme developed across Salford Royal which is now being rolled out nationally, and in championing safe staffing, Elaine steps down after an illustrious career, retiring from her position on the NCA Board, which brings together the Salford Royal and Pennine Acute trusts.

Nationally, Elaine’s work has included being a significant advocate in the campaign for hospitals to set staffing levels in the interests of patient safety. She has also been part of the Prime Minister’s Nursing and Care Quality Forum and was the only nurse selected to be on the Berwick National Advisory Group of the Safety of Patients in England.

She was awarded a CBE in 2015 in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, to honour her services to nursing and in 2019, was awarded NHS England’s first national Chief Nursing Officer’s (CNO) Gold Award for Nursing.

Elaine qualified as a Registered nurse in 1980 at Warrington District General Hospital and has worked in the North West in a variety of positions, including ward manager and nurse specialist. She has held Executive Nurse Director positions since 1996.

Ruth May, CNO for NHS England said:

“Elaine was the first person in England I awarded my Gold Award for Nursing to, and it could not have gone to a better recipient. These awards are dedicated to people who make a lasting difference. Elaine is only one of a handful of people to have received this. Her work is recognised as being of national importance.

“She has made a huge positive impact in her work, both for our profession and for the safety of patients. In particular, Elaine is credited with the Board to ward programme developed across Salford Royal which is now being rolled out nationally, helping create a positive culture, and in championing and challenging safe staffing.

“There are about a handful of nurse leaders in England that have had such a significant impact on nursing, such as Florence Nightingale, Professor Dame Hilary Chapman, and Mary Seacole. I hold Elaine in the same regard.

“Elaine, thank you for what you have done for our profession and for the legacy that you leave that will continue to help improve our services for years to come.”

Commenting on Elaine’s contribution to the NCA and her nurse leadership qualities, Raj Jain, Chief Executive of the NCA, said:

“In every meeting and discussion, whether at Board level or ward level, in every contact with staff and patients, in everything that she has led or worked on, the patient has always been core of Elaine’s viewpoint. She has always reminded us of the most important aspect to our work – safety and the patient experience.

“Elaine is highly regarded and respected across her profession and the healthcare sector. She has been a committed advocate for Salford and the NCA. The major contributor to our Salford journey and the Trust’s Outstanding CQC rating was the work Elaine ploughed into the organisation over many years and the ambition and inspiration that she provided to so many people.”

Throughout here long career Elaine has maintained her professional and clinical development through regular clinical shifts at ward level. She came to Salford Royal as Chief Nurse in 2004.

Educated to postgraduate degree level, she is a Florence Nightingale leadership scholar and took the opportunity to undertake a women’s leadership programme for global executives at Harvard University as well as the Executive Quality Academy at the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, Boston.

Elaine has been at the cornerstone in the success and achievements of Salford Royal, which is rated as Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, helping drive forward and lead the quality improvements for the organisation.

Mr Jim Potter, Chair of Salford Royal and the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, added:

“We are all incredibly fortunate to have benefitted from the skills, the ambition and leadership qualities that Elaine has given as Director of Nursing and Chief Nurse for our organisation. She has done so much for Salford, for Pennine Acute and beyond. She has been instrumental to the improvements in quality and the high standards of care we provide and pride ourselves in not only at Salford but now across our other sites and organisations as the Northern Care Alliance.

“Elaine has supported and inspired so many colleagues. She has led by example with care, compassion and kindness; she has left a lasting impression on the thousands of lives she has touched and the people she has worked with. The Nursing profession is so much the better for her dedication and contribution.”

Pictured:  Elaine Inglesby-Burke CBE