Youngsters ask the public to help protect their loved ones by reminding them that COVID-19 safety is ‘In Our Hands’

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Youngsters ask the public to help protect their loved ones by reminding them that COVID-19 safety is ‘In Our Hands’
25 August 2020

Young relatives of staff working for Northern Care Alliance NHS Group are reminding the public how important it is for everyone to stick to the COVID19 safety guidelines, as part of a new campaign launched.

The children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews of staff from Fairfield General Hospital in Bury, The Royal  Oldham Hospital, Rochdale Infirmary and Salford Royal Foundation Trust, as well as community services run by the NCA Group, have joined forces to deliver a very clear message to local communities – reminding them that infection prevention and control is ‘in our hands’. 

The campaign encourages patients and the wider public to maintain high standards of infection prevention and control at all times – whether at home or visiting our hospitals and community settings for treatment. 

The videos feature a variety of children and young people connected to the NCA Group who have recorded short clips in English, Hindi and Urdu, describing why it’s so important to wear a facemask, wash our hands and maintain social distancing to help keep their family members, our patients and themselves safe. The youngsters, who range from just three years of age to 13, were filmed at home after creating their own visuals including painted hands, signs and posters to emphasise the fact that infection prevention and control is in everyone’s hands. 

Chris Brookes, Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Medical Officer for the NCA explained: “We are incredibly proud of our younger NCA family members for playing a vital part in spreading the message about infection prevention and control.

“We have all been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, including the youngest members of our wider NCA Family. The relatives of the children in this campaign have been directly involved in the Covid-19 response, whether caring for patients on the frontline or working behind the scenes. The message from the children is clear - we all need to protect them, their relatives and all of our patients by making sure that everyone who attends our sites is following our stringent infection prevention and control guidelines. It’s in our hands.”

The campaign has been rolled out across the NCA’s social media channels on twitter, instagram and facebook.

One of the videos features Alfie, age 13, whose Nana, Gill Sharples is a Neurosurgery Co-ordinator at Salford Care Organisation. Alfie talks about the importance of social distancing, both in and out of our hospitals, and what it means to him. Check out his clip here.  

Amna, age 9, is the niece of one of our staff at Fairfield General Hospital, she is encouraging everyone to follow the rules about wearing a face mask, both in and out of hospital, and has recorded her message in Urdu. Check out her clip here.

For more information please contact Emma Turner, Communications Manager, Bury and Rochdale Care Organisation. Part of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group at