Neonatal Outreach Team at NMGH and TROH

Who is the service for?

Babies who have specific ongoing needs following discharge from the neonatal unit at North Manchester or Neonatal Intensive Care Units at Oldham Hospital.

What does the service provide?

Provides ongoing support to parents / carers at home for babies who require extra support following discharge.

Who will patients meet?

The Neonatal Outreach Nurse.

When is the service available?

If babies require ongoing care in the community they will be referred directly to the outreach service and the outreach nurse will liaise directly with the parents / carer.

Where is the service provided?

In the patient's / families own home.

Department contact details

Sue Pickles c/o The Royal Oldham Hospital 0161 627 8151

Alison Spence c/o  North Manchester General Hospital 0161 625 8227.

Key staff/consultants

Yvonne Tunstall - Divisional Nurse Manager

Kath Leighton - Directorate Manager

Dr Jonathan Moise - Clinical Director / Consultant Neonatologist

Dr Bratati Bose-Haider - Clinical Director / Consultant Paediatrician

Ian Yates - Neonatal Lead Nurse

Alison Spence - Sister, Neonatal Outreach Nurse

Sue Pickles - Sister, Neonatal Outreach Nurse