Location Q&As

Where will ‘corporate locations’ be?

There will be local sites and also home working options will be available to people. Recruitment for instance is based in Salford and other options are still being worked through.  We advise all staff who may have to change base, to book in for a one to one with their line manager, local HR representative, union representative and NCA representative, dates will soon be made available to staff.

I currently work in admin aligned to clinical services, will I have to change my location after the transfer?

It is highly unlikely you will have to change your base location if you work in clinical admin.  This mainly affects those corporate staff working at the Ashton site.

Where will I be based?

For community services staff in the localities, there will be no change in their location. For corporate services staff, there are discussion taking place which will make the position clearer over the coming few weeks.

If I am relocated to Salford and this is unsuitable, is my job at risk?

The Northern Care Alliance will work with incoming staff to endeavour to provide a base and/or flexible working that is suitable to individual requirements.  Pennine Care will work closely with individual staff and Northern Care Alliance to support early discussions regarding individual circumstances which may be relevant to the transfer.

Will new locations be from 1 July or will any moves be phased?

Some will be immediate and some will be phased. Again, we are working through the options and will let people know nearer the time.

Other than Trust sites in Ashton, will other sites be moving?

This is something we are currently working on at the moment and will keep people updated as we know more information.

If I am having to move location, will I been informed in advance?

You will receive contractual notice (up to 12 weeks) of any change of base which constitutes a change in your contract - again, any move would be subject to full consultation with affected individuals.

What will happen with the buildings that staff are in and are owned by us, will this mean a change of location?

No, the community services buildings will remain the same at the current time, ownership of the buildings is a complicated matter that will need to be built into the business transfer agreement with Salford Royal.  For Community Services it will make no difference who owns the buildings as the physical locality for staff will remain the same.  There are no plans to move physical premises.

What would you class as a “reasonable” travel time?

This is down to an individual’s personal circumstances and each case would be considered separately.

What if my line manager or staff that work with me are not transferring to the Northern Care Alliance?

We would recommend that individual circumstances are discussed in a one to one setting with a Northern Care Alliance representative present to answer some of these questions.

What happens after 12 weeks if we cannot agree a location?

This is not foreseen - a solution is generally found. We would keep working to resolve this, we have a very successful record of redeploying staff.

Will there be any changes to estates management for PCFT buildings?

There will be no change to Estates support in the interim period.  All services currently provided will continue to be provided, via the same contact details as current.

What about Estates Help desk numbers - who will be maintaining?

There will be no change to Estates support in the interim period.  All services currently provided will continue to be provided, via the same contact details as current.

Will there still be reception cover at PCFT buildings after July 1st?

There will be no change to Estates support in the interim period.  All services currently provided will continue to be provided, via the same contact details as current.

Who will be responsible for on-going support of medical devices?

The same arrangements will apply for a period after July 1st under an Estates Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Will existing housekeeping arrangements remain in place for PCFT building?

Yes. Housekeeping arrangements will remain with PCFT and be subject to the same transition arrangements noted above.

Will there be new arrangements for post?

There will be no change to the provision and service for post in or out.

Will there still be ambulance access where relevant?

Yes. There will be no change to access throughout the transition period, and it is envisaged that service’s current arrangements will continue post transition, with the new building owner if the access is necessary for the continuation of services to patients.

Is there an agreed list of medical devices?

A list is in place and being checked by services.

Will we still have access to room booking systems for LIFT buildings?

Yes. The process will be the same. 

Will there need to be changes to authorised signatures for deliveries?

No. As no locations are changing the process will be the same.

Will there be changes to external / internal postage costs?

No change is expected.

What will happen to stock ordering from Day 1?

Transferring staff will continue to use the PCFT ordering system for a maximum period of three months, to enable staff to be given access to the SRFT system and the hierarchy is correct. PCFT will recharge SRFT to recover the costs.