Key Departments & Information for Staff

The information below is out of date and no longer updated. Please navigate to the individual departmental pages on the intranet for the most relevant information.

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Clinical Governance


We are keen to resolve service users’, relatives’ and carers’ concerns at a local level whenever possible.  Therefore, if you are aware that a patient/service user, relative or carer is unhappy with any aspect of their care we would encourage you to support them or refer them to the most appropriate person in your department as they are best placed to assisting resolving any issues immediately. We would encourage any complaints and concerns about care or treatment to be raised with the staff in the service or department at the time of occurrence. As we believe that Frontline staff who are providing care and assistance are best placed to address the issues raised immediately and, where possible, resolve them.


If you feel the patient, relative or carer would prefer to speak to someone who is not part of the service or department team then they can speak to a member of the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). They offer confidential advice, support and information on health related matters to patients, their families and their carers.  PALS can be contacted between 09.30 hours and 16.30 hours, Monday to Friday on 0161 604 5897

We realise that some people may not feel that they are able to raise issues with staff, so therefore we have a dedicated team who will be able to assist when necessary.

Key Contacts



Contact Details

Lynn Logan

Group Associate Director- Patient Responsiveness

Health Records



Contact Details

Stewart Reynolds

Lead Manager For Health Records Governance

Tel: 0161 206 5552      

Staff guide to police requests for statements or release of medical records



Contact Details

Alison Talbot

Head of Legal Services

Mob: 07702 235 694

Leanne Bond

Deputy Head of Legal Services

Tel: 0161 604 5421

Legal Services: Oldham, Fairfield, Rochdale and North

Tel: 0161 922 3865

Legal Services: Salford

Tel: 0161 206 4807

Tel: 0161 206 0886

Patient and Service User Experience

Our Patient Experience Team is a group function and supports all Care Organisations and sits within the Quality Improvement (QI) Division. The team helps to coordinate action planning based on results from national and local surveys including Friends & Family Test feedback.  The team promote staff to ask, listen and act on feedback, for instance by regularly implementing ‘You said, we did’ as QI tests of change.

The Patient Experience Team promotes the importance of local Patient Experience Committees, helping these collaboratives to work on on-going improvements, the outcomes of which are reported into the relevant Senior Leadership Teams.

Following widespread engagement, the Patient Experience Team has co-produced the new NCA Plan to Deliver Person-Centred Care, Support & Treatment 2019-2022, to be launched in summer 2019. The Patient Experience team will encourage teams to embed this 3 year plan (with KPI’s), supporting them to develop bespoke Always Events, such as the ‘Hello, my name is’ campaign,  which will help to deliver ‘what matters most to our Service Users’ and improve overall care.

Information for the Friends & Family Test

Learning & Organisational Development 



Contact Details

Jo Sellar

Curriculum Development Co-Ordinator

Tel: 0161 720 2583




Contact Details

Apprenticeship Team


CPD funding &external training



Contact Details

CPD queries



Pennine Charity Fundraising and the Volunteers Service also forms part Patient Experience.  The Volunteers Service is currently under restructure which will see staff become a group function. If you routinely have volunteers in your service area they will continue to work with you.  If any issues please contact the Patient Experience Team.

Key Contacts



Contact Details

The Patient Experience Team 

Tel: 0161 918 4294

Health & Safety

The NCA is committed to ensuring the Health, Safety and Welfare of all our staff, visitors, contractors and members of the public. We aim to prevent workplace accidents and cases of work related ill health, and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Each Care organisation has a well-established Health & Safety Committee. The function of these across the NCA is to resolve any health and safety issues that are site specific, and act as part of the wider consultative process in relation to policies and procedures and to keep the NCA leadership teams informed as to local business/matters of concern.

This encourages a proactive approach to the management of health and safety risks at local level. The committees meet regularly and are attended by Trade Union health and safety representatives, managers and the Health & Safety Advisors. These committees are chaired by the Care Organisation Associate Director of Governance.

As of the 1st July 2019 please use existing health and safety polices. 

Key Contacts



Contact Details

Stephanie Mills

Group Assistant Director of Health and Safety

Gaynor Hulley

Health & Safety Coordinator / CAS Administrator

Tel: 0161 656 1410 

Infection Prevention Control

The Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) service is a corporate function of the NCA. Its aim is to identify and reduce the risk and impact of healthcare associated infections (HCAI’s) for service users, staff and visitors, improve patient safety, inform both local and national strategy and support the delivery of an evidence based, innovative consistently reliable model of IPC across the NCA.   The NCA IPC Model provides the ability to develop consistency and establishment of best practice at scale through central development of key policies and strategies, with delivery and assurance provided by local Care Organisation teams.

Each Care Organisation has its own local Infection Control team, led by a Lead Nurse for Infection Prevention and Control, supported by a team of Infection Prevention and Control Nurses and other support services (surgical site infection nurses, surgical site infection officer, administration).

Each Care Organisation Infection Control team is responsible for:

  • Delivering and providing assurance on the infection control programme and strategy within their Care Organisation
  • Providing an annual plan based upon each Care Organisations annual plan
  • Reducing variance
  • Contributing to the development of national Infection Control initiatives
  • Contributing to the development and implementation of policies and procedures within their Care Organisation
  • Undertaking nationally mandated surveillance and other appropriate audits
  • Producing trends reports and supporting the development of root cause analysis of HCAI’s
  • Identifying and supporting innovations in practice

The Lead Nurses of the four Care Organisations Infection Control Teams are overseen by the Group Associate Director of Infection Control. The Group Associate Director Infection Control is responsible for the overall running of the NCA Infection Control team, and is directly accountable to the NCA Deputy CEO/Executive Director of Infection Control/Chief Medical Director and to the Director of Governance and Corporate Nursing.  This structure enables local support and knowledge whilst ensuring overall alignment, consistency and reliability throughout the group, as well as providing knowledge sharing and learning opportunities over a wider population.    

Key Contacts

Salford Care Organisation



Contact Details

Linda Swanson

Group Associate Director IP&C

Tel: 0161 206 5036

Carol Howard

Lead Nurse IP&C

Tel: 0161 206 1989

Tracey Astbury


Tel: 0161 206 8828

North Manchester Care Organisation



Contact Details

Mike Beesley

Lead Nurse IP&C

Tel: 0161 922 3162

Royal Oldham Care Organisation



Contact Details

Lorraine Durham

Lead Nurse IP&C

Tel: 0161 656 1921

Lindsay Smith


Tel: 0161 656 1782

Asma Ali

Clerical Assistant

Tel: 0161 627 8663

Bury and Rochdale Care Organisation



Contact Details

Claire Doggett

Acting Lead Nurse IP&C

Tel: 0161 778 2912

Public Health HMR Community



Contact Details

Kevin Lawler

Lead Nurse IP&C

Tel: 01706 57900

Jane Mitchell


Tel: 01706 57456


Safeguarding Adults and Children

We have a statutory duty to make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, to protect adults at risk from abuse or the risk of abuse and support the Home Office Counter Terrorism strategy CONTEST, which includes a focus on PREVENT (preventing violent extremism/radicalisation). We also recognise our responsibilities under Section 11 of the Children Act (2004) to co-operate with the relevant Local Authorities and share responsibility for the effective discharge of the function for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

The Safeguarding Operating Model in place is accountable and managed at a Northern Care Alliance (NCA) Group level reporting to the Board via the Director of Governance and Corporate Nursing and the Chief Nurse whilst providing a robust management infra-structure, expertise and specialist support to (Local) Care Organisations (COs).

Provision of the service is through a comprehensive framework, including subject expert staffing for both statutory and specialist posts; robust policies including compliance with Greater Manchester (GM) Safeguarding procedures for use by all practitioners; and comprehensive training and development packages.

Information regarding Safeguarding policies, procedures and team contact details are available on our intranet.

Information can also be accessed on the following:

  • Mental Capacity Assessment
  • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard (DoLs)
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Self-Neglect and Hoarding
  • Mental Health ACT
  • Dementia
  • Learning Disabilities and Autism

Key Contacts



Contact Details

Linda Collins-Izquierdo

Group Associate Director of Governance & Corporate Nursing


Clare Kelly

Group Assistant Director of Nursing –Safeguarding Children


Stephanie Whitelaw

Group Assistant Director of Nursing – Safeguarding Adults

Kevin Hutchings

Safeguarding Support Manger

Tel: 0161 918 4420

Mob: 07854 665 511

Jennie O’Reilly

MHA/MCA Support Manager

Tel: 0161 720 2458


Occupational Health

Occupational Health delivers services across North Manchester General Hospital, Royal Oldham Hospital, Fairfield General Hospital, Rochdale Infirmary and Salford Royal Hospital.

All of the departments are dedicated to Occupational Health and are located within the grounds of each hospital site. All have disabled access and facilities.

Department Contact Details

Mediscreen Occupational Health & Wellbeing Service
North Manchester General Hospital
Delaunays Road
M8 5RB

Tel: 0161 720 2727 or 0161 604 5214

Generic Email:

Immunisation requests:

Management referrals to our Occupational Health Service can be made using the referral form ‘Man Ref NCA Referral Template’ and sent to:

The Manager helpline is 0161 918 4543 – Monday to Friday, 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 pm.

Counselling and support for staff can be requested by calling 0161 778 5687 or emailing

Fast-track physiotherapy can be requested calling 0161 720 2727 or emailing

Eye tests for VDU regular users

Community Services staff are able to take advantage of the Display Screen equipment policy at Pennine Acute, where staff are able to request an eye test voucher if assessed as a regular user (VDU) which entitles them to a free eye test and £40 towards the cost of glasses if needed for VDU use. 

The vouchers can be used at any SpecSavers opticians.

Eye test vouchers can be obtained from the following people:

HMR staff - Chantelle Boyle  

Oldham staff - Gemma MacKenzie

Bury staff – Emma Ross

Incident Reporting and Datix

NCA use Datix for incident reporting and management. This includes Near Misses, Never Events and Serious Incidents across all categories of incidents including Information Governance, infrastructure, patient and/or staff incidents. The Datix system is available to reporters via the SRFT or PAT intranet pages on Incident Reporting – it can also be accessed from the PCFT Transfer Hub.  Training is not required for staff reporting incidents. Reporters do not need a log in to report incidents.

Datix Login Page

Managers who will be accessing the system to manage incidents and/or risk will require a log on and training. Managers should receive a log in on Day 1 from the Datix team if they need it. If not, a request can be submitted to

There will be a training session at each hospital site per month with additional sessions planned to support the transfer - please refer to the following posters for dates.  More dates will be added soon.

Datix Training - Oldham
Datix Training - Rochdale
Datix Training - Salford
Datix Training - Bury
Datix Training - North Manchester

Staff guide to police requests for statements or release of medical records

On occasions you may be approached by the Police to give a statement or be interviewed regarding a patient or your work. This guide gives you practical tips on what to do if approached by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to complete a statement. This guide also gives you advice on what to do if you are asked for medical records on a patient.

Do not provide a statement without speaking to our legal team on or 

Key Contacts



Contact Details

Alison Talbot

Head of Legal Services

Mob: 07702 235 694

Leanne Bond

Deputy Head of Legal Services

Tel: 0161 604 5421

Legal Services: Oldham, Fairfield, Rochdale and North

Tel: 0161 922 3865

Legal Services: Salford

Tel: 0161 206 4807

Tel: 0161 206 0886




Contact Details

Andrew Lynn

Group Director of Communication & External Affairs

Tel: 0161 604 5459

Nicola Berry

Group Communication Specialist - Projects

Tel: 0161 627 8707

Toby Jenkinson

Communication Manager (Media and External Relations)

Tel: 0161 656 1390

Paul McMullen

Group Digital Communication Manager

Tel: 0161 918 4285

David Conway

Group Digital Communication Officer 

Tel: 0161 918 4283

Emma Turner

Bury & Rochdale CO Communication & Engagement Manager

Tel: 0161 778 3602

Josie Neil

Oldham CO Communication and Engagement Lead

Tel: 0161 627 8703 

Helen Hunt

North Manchester CO Communication and Engagement Lead

Tel: 0161 918 4284


Jenny Aldersley 

Head of Communications, Salford Care Organisation Salford Primary Care Together Communications & Engagement Lead

Tel: 0161 206 4077

Stephanie Nelson 

Communication and Engagement Manager Salford Care Organisation

Tel: 0161 206 8946


Estates and facilities

Properties will all be managed in the same way they currently are by PCFT either directly or via already agreed landlords.  Nothing will change fundamentally on day 1. Access to buildings, car parking, cleaning, waste collection, sample collection, supplies ordering and delivery will all continue in the same way.

Supplies ordering may change to a new system, however there are no plans to introduce any new systems immediately, although this may change over time as contracts are renewed.

Access to buildings if anything has changed for staff

Staff will continue to have access to the buildings they have previously accessed. Nobody’s access pass will be disabled.

Car parking 

Car parking is dependent on the arrangements previously in place, this is something that the NCA wishes to support as we are committed to staff paying reasonable amounts for parking charges.  If you currently have a valid Pennine Care car parking permit clearly displayed in your vehicle these will be permissible on the NCA hospital sites of Fairfield, Rochdale Infirmary, Salford Royal and The Royal Oldham Hospital.

Helpline number and location of key staff

Helpdesk details for each building will be issued to the locality leads for onward distribution once the property portfolio arrangements are fully finalised.

Access to Buildings

For access to buildings on the acute hospital sites, please see ID badges section

For access to other buildings, in the community please contact our Estates and Facilities leads as follows:

Estate Leads


Jo Williamson
Business Manager
Community Services Bury
3rd Floor, Humphrey House
4 Angouleme Way,
Bury, BL9 0EQ
Telephone: 0161 253 7150
Mobile: 07747468165


Pam Edwards
Delivery Support Manager
Oldham Community Health Services
Horton House
Southlink Business Park
Oldham, OL4 1DE

Telephone: 0161 716 2585
Mobile:  07971 094104


Mark Bond


Financial services

It is not anticipated that any changes will be made to your current finance procedures prior to October 2019. It is important to maintain financial governance within the Alliance. Please continue to follow PCFT’s processes and Standing Financial Instructions for the requisition and payment of supplies in the initial period.

For further detail, please see the Procurement section which follows.

Key things that will be different from October 2019

Finance systems will remain the same on 1 July for raising requisitions and authorising orders and invoices. Authorisation processes and hierarchies will initially be unchanged but will align with the NCA’s by 1 October 2019. Payroll services will be provided by ELFS (East Lancashire Financial Services). Payroll and Expenses claims are covered in the Workforce section of this guide. In case of Payroll queries, please contact the ELFS helpdesk at

The finance teams for Community services are predominantly based within the localities. They receive central support from finance departments at Turnpike House and SRFT. The community finance teams will continue to provide help and advice to budget holders as well as financial authorisation for vacancies which are raised on TRAC. Financial cost centre and expense codes will change, but will mirror the coding structure at PCFT. A mapping document is available on request. For requisitions, please continue to use the old codes in PCFT’s system.

Budget holders will receive budget statements in PDF format via email. Finance staff will use a different financial ledger system at NCA. Full training will be provided. Training on new systems The e-financials system encompasses all finance and procurement functions.

Once training starts for the new requisitioning process, you will need access to this system for both ordering and authorising. This will be set up prior to training in the next couple of months. Full training will be provided to Finance staff within their teams. 41 Standing Financial Instructions (SFIs)

A copy of the NCA’s Financial Governance Framework can accessed here.




Payroll services will be provided by ELFS (East Lancashire Financial Services). Payroll and Expenses claims are covered in the Workforce section of this guide. In case of Payroll queries, please contact the ELFS helpdesk at

Policies including SFIs

A copy of the NCA’s Standing Financial Instructions can be found here



All Clinical and Locality based Corporate staff will continue to be supported by PCFT IT through a Service Level Agreement and will continue to access the same Clinical Systems as they do today, prior to 1 July 2019. Some Corporate Staff will be transferring to Trust HQ sites over the next few months at which time their support will transfer to the relevant sites IT team. Everyone will continue to have access to their NHS Mail email account

Any IT or Clinical Systems training will continue to be provided as part of the SLA. For Corporate Systems please refer to the relevant section in the Pack

IT Policies

All IT policies will remain on the PCFT intranet. For those staff transferring locations please refer to the local intranet for  policies.


Currently it’s ‘business as usual’, but localities are sharing their plans and preferences associated with the transfer. This will also include identifying the requirements for information management and technology systems and support after the transfer.

Remote working access

This will remain the same for those staffing retaining their current location. Corporate staff who are moving to Trust HQ will be reviewed individually.

Access to NCA intranet

Staff Group


Locality Based Corporate Staff

Trust HQ based Corporate (Moving location over the next few months)


No Change to your email address

However you will notice the part in brackets will now reflect your new employer - from (PENNINE ACUTE HOSPITALS) to  (SALFORD ROYAL NHS FOUNDATION TRUST) 

Same as Clinical Staff Group

In line with your move, you will be set up with either a PAHT or SRFT email account.

We will work with you individually, as each individuals’ needs are bespoke. (For any queries please contact your SRFT or PAHT IT)

Laptops & Peripherals

No Change - Continue to use current equipment. It will continue to be supported by PCFT ( Part of SLA)

Same as Clinical Staff Group

Transferring with you.
Your Manager will work with IT to rebuild your device with SRFT/PAT image. (For any queries please contact your SRFT or PAHT IT)


No Change - Continue to use current equipment. It will continue to be supported by PCFT ( Part of SLA)

Same as Clinical Staff Group

Will not be transferring.
Your Manager will work with IT to rebuild with SRFT/PAHT image if needed (For any queries please contact your SRFT or PAHT IT)

Mobile Phones

No Change - Continue to use ( Part of SLA)

Same as Clinical Staff Group

Same as Clinical Staff Group

IM&T Support

No Change - Continue to be supported by PCFT  IT ( Part of SLA)

Same as Clinical Staff Group

Support will be either SRFT or PAHT dependent on your new  base location. We will work with you individually, as each individuals’ needs are bespoke. (For any queries please contact your SRFT or PAHT IT)

Clinical Systems

No Change - Continue to use ( Part of SLA)



Corporate Systems

The plan is for you to access some SRFT corporate systems through the internet as well as continue to use some PCFT systems.
Information regards these systems are in  the associated section in this pack and on the HUB

Same as Clinical Staff Group

Same as Clinical Staff Group

Policies & Processes

You will be able to continue to access Policies on the PCFT Intranet as well as any relevant SRFT policies though the HUB. 
As these transfer, you will be informed through the HUB

You will be able to continue to access Policies on the PCFT Intranet as well as any relevant SRFT policies though the HUB. 
As these transfer, you will be informed through the HUB

When you move location, you will be able to access your sites policies through their intranet

Data Storage (F& G Drives)

No Change - Continue to use (Part of SLA)

Limited Change - Continue to use their Personal Drives (Part of SLA) . However, there may be changes to the G Drive which should be being managed in conjunction with your manager. For any support or guidance please contact your TPM ( See end of table for details)

Will move to SRFT/PAT Drives. 
You have been requested to clean your current data and identify which data will be transferring, so that IT can work with you to transfer to new location securely

Date Sharing

NHS Mail to NHS Mail is the secure way to transfer data. For any queries regards other types of sharing please contact IT

Same as Clinical Staff Group

Same as Clinical Staff Group

Helpline number and location of key staff

Pennine Care

01617161234 – Service Desk is open Mon to Fri, 8am until 6pm

There is an on call service for situations where services are unable to deliver their service – the message on 0161 716 1234 changes when outside the standard service desk hours as above and provides the number to contact the on call service.


Escalations- or


Salford Royal


Turnpike House

Opening Hours – 0800 to 17:30 Monday to Friday

There is an on call engineer is available outside of these hours on 0161 206 4250 option “1”

  1. 0161 206 4250 - (X64250)



Pennine Acute


North Manchester Hospital

Royal Oldham Hospital

Fairfield General Hospital

Rochdale Infirmary





  1. 0161 604 5678



Any queries relating to the SLA please contact 

Technology Programme Managers (TPMS)

TPM Bury – Sarah Waddington

TPM Oldham – Michelle Flint

TPM  HMR – Suzanne Brook


The service will continue as-is as part of an SLA agreement with PCFT.  This will include access to information and dashboards as well as our statutory and contracting information requirements. Following the transaction we will be planning the safe move of information assets over to the NCA, this will be communicated in due course.

Helpline number and location of key staff



Contact Details

Informatics Support

Tel: 0161 206 8190

Information governance

The Northern Care Alliance understands that Information Governance and Patient Confidentiality are a key fundamental of all NHS team processes.  While we are all beginning to work in multi-disciplinary teams and across organisations, new ways of working are developing.  If you have any questions on this or general matters you will continue to be supported by a central Information Governance function.  Your key contact will be based at Salford Care Organisation available by phone, by email or to attend site to offer required support.  For any questions please email or call the team using the details below, we are here to support in times of need (no matter how small).

As from 1 July, any staff who have not completed their Information Governance mandatory training will need to complete this via your eLearning by your renewal date.  Those who completed prior to transfer will have records of attainment transferred with them to NCA training systems.  All staff are reminded that Information Governance training is a mandatory training requirement, completed as eLearning on an annual basis.


Information Governance policies will be made accessible to all staff that have now joined the NCA.  If in doubt please drop us a question.

Data standards

All documents created from 1 July 2019, will now fall under the responsibility of Salford Royal, this should not impact you on a daily basis.  For patients with open cases, their records will remain in locality to support continued care of those patients.  For new patients records created will continue to be held in localities.

Access to digital clinical live records (such as PARIS) will remain open to you, with the same login username and passwords you already have.  Any new starters will also be able to have User accounts set up for digital clinical records access.

Staff are reminded that all incidents (which are actual or near miss) breaches of confidentiality or Data Protection should continue to be reported in line with other reported incident types.

Date Incident occurred

System Incident to be recorded on

Pre 1 July 2019

Ulysses (these can be reported to Line Managers where you no longer have access)

Post 1 July 2019

DATIX (access to the NCA Incident management system, will be available through the Community Health Services Staff Transfer Hub at

Email standards

Transferring staff will retain their accounts.  Teams across the NCA will also have accounts.  Staff are reminded that transfers of data from to are secure, and therefore appropriate for transfer of personal identifiable data.

FOI requests (Freedom of Information)

From the 1st July 2019 Freedom of Information requests will transfer to Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust as the legal entity to whom the NES Community Services are transferring.  The NCA has a central team who process all Freedom of Information contactable on the details below.

Should you or your service receive a local request under the Freedom of Information Act, please forward these to the contact details below.

SAR requests (Subject Access Requests – persons asking for copy medical records)

Subject Access Requests as from 1 July will be processed by Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust as the legal entity to whom the NES Community services are transferring.   SARs for NES Community services will be processed through staff based at Salford Care Organisation.

For your part, you will be asked to provided support in forwarding any requests received locally to that team, to support with supply of copy records as required and potentially in support or review of records prior to release for clinical harm and 3rd party content checks.

Staff are asked to note the tight timelines of this legislation (one calendar month) and support a timely response when asked to support a specific request.

Key Contacts



Contact Details

Hayley Barton

Head of Information Assurance

Tel: 0161 206 7251      

General Contact




Subject Matter Support



Information Governance queries

Data Processing/Data Sharing enquiries

New system/process reviews (DPIA Support)

Possible breaches of data protection

Policy checks/content

Information Asset Owner/Administrator support

Data Flow mapping enquiries

0161 206 7251

Freedom of Information Requests

0161 206 7251

Subject Access Requests

0161 206 7251

Secure data transfers

Loss of kit

0161 206  4250


Health Records

If you wish to access health records which were discharged before 1st July, 2019 these health records belong to Pennine Care, therefore there are two ways in which they can be accessed.

1. If the records are in archive please complete the following form and return to We will only accept requests from email addresses.

Retrieval Request Form

In order for the records to be released we need to ascertain why they are needed as  only information will be shared with SRFT which is necessary, justifiable and proportionate to the investigation or patient care. Therefore please ensure that you specify the key document(s) you require and the time period this relates to: for example: Clinical letters 06/06/2019 – 25/06/2019.

The method of transport will depend on the urgency, however this will usually be via our own Records Transportation Driver or via courier. - Records Transport Request Form

2. If the records are still onsite awaiting archive then please complete the  form for authorisation. You should only access these records if you have received authorisation from Pennine Care.

Community Services Retrieval Request Form


Any filing for records already in archive should have the box number and patient details written on the front and sent to the Records Department, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Newton Wood House, c/o Outram Road, Globe Industrial Estate, Dukinfield, SK16 4XE. Any filing should be enclosed with a compliments slip in a tamper proof bag or secure envelope which contains a return to stamp/sticker on the reverse.

Any filing for records prior to 1st July in situ awaiting archiving should be done by the service in preparation for archiving.


Currently it’s ‘business as usual’,

Access to Digital Clinical records (such as PARIS) will remain open to you, with the same login username and passwords you already have.  Any new starters will also be able to have User accounts set up for Digital Clinical records access.

Key Contacts



Contact Details

Stewart Reynolds

Lead Manager For Health Records Governance

Tel: 0161 206 5552     

Clinical skills training and state of the art simulation suites

Clinical skills and simulation training allows healthcare professionals (of all levels and specialties) to acquire new skills through a range of different teaching methods, as well as the opportunity to practice and refine existing skills. Training can range from face to face taught sessions incorporating the use of ‘task trainers’ to hone a particular skill or by using ‘high fidelity’ simulators in order to improve the management of complex clinical situations. Interactive e-learning programmes can also be accessed to support learning. This training enables staff to provide competent, compassionate and safe clinical practice when delivering care to patients.

Clinical skills training is conducted within all four Care organisations: Salford, Oldham, Fairfield & Rochdale and North Manchester.

There are three state of the art simulation suites within the Alliance: The Dinwoodie Centre at The Royal Oldham Hospital, The Mayo building at Salford Royal Hospital and The Limbert Education Centre at North Manchester General Hospital.

Team contact details




Contact details

Diane Hickford

Clinical Skills & Overseas Nurses Lead / L&OD BP

Whole team responsibilities

Tel: 0161 206 1561

Mayo building, SRFT

Toby Garrity

L&OD Manager - Clinical skills & Simulation

- Simulation 

- Medicines management

- Undergraduate medical  education

Tel: 0161 656 1133

Dinwoodie Centre, TROH

Jane Chapman

Practice Development Nurse

- IV therapy

- Venepucture

- Cannulation

Tel: 0161 778 5357

Dinwoodie Centre, TROH

Lindsay Savage

Practice Development Nurse

- NG insertion



Tel: 0161 206 8987

Mayo building, SRFT

Schola Dube

Practice Development Nurse

- Vital Signs

- V Care

Tel: 0161 206 4675

Mayo building, SRFT

Andrea Hampson

Practice Development Nurse


- Tracheostomy


Tel: 0161 206 2926

Mayo building, SRFT


For further details on clinical skills training available please contact the team or log-in to ESR  and select “My Learning”. 


Mandatory and Core Training

Mandatory training will continue as before incorporating the CSTF subjects and any training you have already received at PCFT will be taken into account this will transfer over with you into Salford ESR.  For Mandatory Training Queries please email

Please note work is ongoing to align competencies to your position.  So your training compliance will show blue until this work is completed.

To book onto face to face training sessions: please email to book a place or log on to ESR My Learning. 

To view the full course listing see the latest training bulletin on our intranet.

How to Access Training – E learning & Face to Face courses -

Accessing compliance records

Compliance reports

You can check your compliance by logging in to ESR and going to My Learning.   You will see a list of training to complete under the Competence Requirements heading.

The expiry date will be listed next to each course so you know when training is required. The compliance status is colour coded so you can see courses that you have completed, those that are required and those which are due for renewal.

Compliance reports for managers are also produced and the latest compliance reports will be produced and distributed appropriately to managers.

For Compliance reports please email or

Access to your individual training records will be linked to Salford’s ESR via a shared learning centre via Pennine Acute’s ESR.

Contact Name

Job Role

E-mail Address

Contact Number

Mandatory Training Queries please email




To Book Face to face Training




Compliance Reports



Gaynor Varden

L&D Lead for Core Training

0161 206 5706

Alistair Cockroft

Learning Resource Manager


John O’Leary

Curriculum Development Coordinator


0161 778 5589

Yvonne Harewood

Business Support Team Leader

0161 922 3015


Those staff that are currently on a preceptorship programme will be transferred to the NCA preceptorship team and will be supported by them. Any new starters will join the NCA wide Preceptorship programme this will be identified through the recruitment process. There will be a seamless transfer of these new starters, contact details will be communicated to all those staff currently on preceptorship.

Work is ongoing with NCA wide preceptorship policy; community service will be engaged on this process.



Contact Details

Preceptorship team

Practice Education Facilitators

Student placements are managed across the NCA by a team of PEFs. This team will support student placements that are transferring from Pennine Care. The team will support staff in the new assessor/supervisor standards and new nurse curriculum updates throughout the next few months in preparation for September 2019.
Contact details will be communicated to all teams to ensure continuity of support for student issues. Allocations from the universities will remain unchanged.
Policy for mentorship is due for review in light of the new assessor/supervisor standards, this will be developed over the next 12 months.



Contact Details

PEF team PAT

Trainee Nurse Associates

Our role is to develop the role of Nursing Associates (NA) across the NCA and support our NA’s in their transition into the organization and the development of career progression pathways to encourage recruitment and retention of staff. The team work in partnership with the HEIs in the planning, delivery and review of development programmes and work with clinical leads to ensure this role is embedded into the NCA.



Contact Details

TNA queries

Resuscitation and Simulation Training

The Resuscitation Team provides appropriate and effective resuscitation training to all grades and disciplines of staff throughout the NCA.  The team acts as a source of expert advice and practical assistance on resuscitation matters.

For those staff wishing to attend a drop-in-session, they must access and undertake the e-Learning package prior to attending.

Inductees must complete both the e-Learning package and attend the face-to-face Basic Life Support (BLS) Course.

All our Resuscitation Practitioners have both clinical and educational expertise and work within the Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines

Courses delivered by the department include:

  • Adult Hospital Basic Life Support
  • Community Basic Life support
  • Paediatric Basic Life Support
  • Immediate Life Support (ILS)
  • Paediatric Immediate Life Support (PILS)
  • Advanced Life Support (ALS)
  • Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS)
  • European Trauma Course (ETC)

For further details on clinical skills training available please email the team at


log in to ESR at



Contact Details

Alison Welsby

Resuscitation team

Layla Mottram

Resuscitation team

Digital and eLearning

The e-Learning team provide online training for staff across the NCA. The Team develop programmes covering a range of topics including core mandatory, clinical, systems and management training and offer support to help staff to access their online training.

How to access training Tutorial

You can access your e-Learning by logging in to ESR:

From here you will be required to enter your unique username (e.g. 236JBLOGGS01) and password. If you haven’t been provided with your username and password or Smartcard access for Employee Self Service or you have forgotten these details please contact:

Tel: 0161 206 8402

When you first login you will be asked to change your password. Once this has been saved you will be redirected to the ESR portal where you can access your e-Learning.

A shared training centre has been set up between SRFT’s ESR and PAT’s ESR, therefore you log into SRFT’s ESR (236) and then access PAT’s ESR training searching (352).

  • Click on My Learning on the menu on the left hand side.
  • Select Learning Certification from the search drop-down box.
  • Type 352 and click Go.
  • Select the course you want to complete.
  • Click Subscribe then Finish.
  • Click on the icon to Choose or enrol in class then Apply.
  • Click on Play to access the course.

Any training from Pennine Care Foundation Trust already completed and still in date will be transferred to your record.

NB: Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) Competencies are currently being aligned to job positions so some training will be blue until this alignment has been completed.

Course advertisements

You can see a list of the courses on offer via ESR and via the user guide.

The user guide explains how you can subscribe and enrol onto the courses. Download the User Guide.

Subject Matter Support



ESR Login details and My Learning Password Resets

0161 206 8402 (Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm and Fri 9am-4pm)

Requests for Smartcard access

0161 206 8402 (Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm and Fri 9am-4pm)

ELearning content issues:

navigating the site, content won’t open or display etc.

0161 778 3436

NCA e-learning helpdesk

Staff Appraisals

Your appraisals at the Northern Care Alliance will come under the Contribution Framework 2.0 (or CF2 for short) system.  This is a relatively new approach for performance reviews that moves away from a ‘one size fits all’ traditional appraisal process to a more person-centred, forward focused approach. At the heart of CF2.0 is the premise we succeed One Conversation at a Time through a developmental and coaching approach. 

You can expect to have an annual My Contribution Conversation with your manager as well as three quarterly discussions, the purpose of which is to provide clear expectations on your objectives as well as effective and regular feedback on how you are meeting these objectives.

Your current appraisal is valid however please aspire to move over to the new CF2  on the date your new appraisal is due.  All the CF2 paperwork is available here on the Hub to download.

Support and Training

Half day workshops are available for all staff who are responsible for delivering appraisals with staff. To book your place on a workshop, please click the Eventbrite link for the site you would like to attend. In Eventbrite, please input your details to confirm your place.

If you have any queries about the booking process, please contact Ruth Walton – / 0161 778 5585  working days: Mondays, Tuesdays & Fridays

Salford Royal

Royal Oldham

Fairfield General Hospital

Rochdale Infirmary

North Manchester General Hospital

Annual CF2 Conversation Submission Guidance

When the annual CF2 discussion, has been completed the Coach must complete the ESR CF2 Monitoring Form and return to who will record your annual CF2 on ESR.

Please note if the Coach has access to SRFT ESR Self Service (user guide is available via the Community Services Transfer Hub) please record via SRFT ESR Self Service.



Contact Details

Jo Sellar

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Our Team

The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion team sits at a Group level covering all four Care Organisations and Our Group services:

We believe passionately in ensuring partnership working is embedded right across the organisation and that lived experience is at the heart of what we do. To support this as a team we help facilitate staff networks covering a range of underserved communities at each of our four Care Organisations.

If you are interested in joining any of our existing networks or to get involved where we have a vacant chair position please feel free to contact any of our Network Chair’s or the EDI Team direct and we will be happy to help.

Key Contacts



Contact Details

Equality and Diversity Team

Naheed Nazir

Head of Equality and Inclusion

Tel: 0161 604 5891

Tara Hewitt

Inclusion and Engagement Manager

Tel: 0161 922 3412

Shain Miah

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

Tel: 0161 922 3858

Joe McMahon

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Advisor

Tel:  0161 918 4032

Jerish Devine

Equality and Inclusion Admin Support

Tel: 0161 604 5893

Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation




BAME Network


Co-Chair: Tariq Mohammed

Co-Chair: Assia Shah

Disability Network Chair


Vacant Chair


For further Information or to get more involved email

LGBT Network Chair


Vacant Chair


For further Information or to get more involved email

North Manchester General Hospital Care Organisation




BAME Network


Chair: Adenuga Babafemi (Baba)

Disability Network Chair


Vacant Chair


For further Information or to get more involved email

LGBT Network Chair

Chair: Karen Sales-Jones

Royal Oldham Hospital Care Organisation




BAME Network

Chair: Halima Begum

Disability Network Chair

Chair: Carol Pinkerton   

LGBT Network Chair

Vacant Chair


For further Information or to get more involved email

Salford Royal Care Organisation




BAME Network

Chair: Aniqa Rashid

Disability Network Chair

Chair: David Vaughan

LGBT Network Chair

Chair: Graham Philpott-Roden

Cultural Ambassadors

We recognise the impact unconscious bias, privilege and cultural competency can have leading to inequalities for staff from underserved communities across disciplinaries and recruitment. As an organisation committed to reducing these inequalities we have worked in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing to introduce Cultural Ambassadors across the organisation who bring a diversity of lived experience and having gone through specialist training provide advice and support to decision makers within our disciplinary and recruitment processes to help mitigate the impact these factors can have.



Cultural Ambassador Programme Group Executive Sponsor

Elaine Inglesby – Group Chief Nurse and Interim Director of People

Cultural Ambassador Link for Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation

Jointly - Shafqat Azam & Raheela Durrani


Cultural Ambassador Link for Royal Oldham Hospital Care Organisation

Kim Ridgway


Cultural Ambassador Link for North Manchester General Hospital Care Organisation

Tuan Truong


Cultural Ambassador Link for Salford Royal Care Organisation

Stephanie Webb


For further information about our Cultural Ambassador programme please email

EDI Champions

We actively recruit staff interested in supporting local services with work to advance inclusion and to promote human rights. We have a number of champions located across each of our Care Organisations who provide support for local managers as well as connecting with the Group EDI Team to support specific projects or pieces of work. We provide a range of training, coaching and resources to support our Champions and have a EDI Champions lead advisor providing a named point of contact within the team. If you are interested in becoming an EDI Champion please get in touch!

As an organisation we understand the awful impact bulling and harassment at work can have on employee wellbeing and the wider impact this can then have on patient care. With this in mind as the EDI Function we are responsible for the running of a Dignity Advisor bullying service right across the Group. The service is ran by volunteers who receive specialist training and support from the EDI Team to enable them to play an important role as active listeners, provide clear signposting to specific sources of help/advice and in supporting staff to have the confidence to raise issues of bullying and harassment at a very early stage.

If you are interested in becoming and Dignity at Work Advisor please contact the team.


Education Centres & Booking Classrooms

Northern Care Alliance Education Centre Information

Education Centre

Contact Number

Room Bookings

Education Centre

Fairfield General Hospital Rochdale Old Road

Bury BL9 7TS

0161 778 2935

0161 778 3381

Education Centre

Rochdale Infirmary   

Whitehall Street

Rochdale  OL12 0NB

0161 778 2935

0161 778 3381

Education Centre – Trust Headquarters

North Manchester General Hospital

Delaunays Road

ManchesterM8 5RB

0161 720 2957

0161 720 4576

Post Graduate Centre

North Manchester General Hospital

Delaunays Road

Manchester M9 5RB

0161 720 2720


Education Centre

The Royal Oldham Hospital

Rochdale Road

Oldham 0L1 2JH

0161 627 8777

0161 627 8594

0161 778 5292

0161 627 8574

Clinical Skills – The Dinwoodie Centre

The Royal Oldham Hospital Rochdale Road

Oldham OL1 2JH

0161 778 5724


0161 778 5724


Education Centre

Mayo Building

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

Stott Lane

Salford M6 8HD

0161 206 4037

0161 206 8218


Library and knowledge service

Our aim is to ensure that all staff, partners and students on placement have access to information services and the best possible evidence with which to support patient care, decision making, audit, innovation, education and research. You are welcome to join the library and start accessing the wide range of resources and services available to you.

Evidence search service –

Access to over 6,000 e-journals and 17,000 books and eBooks.  Discover at

Point-of-care clinical decision making tools including UpToDate and BMJ Best Practice

Specialist online nursing collections and online nursing procedures in and the Royal Marsden Manual Online.

Leadership and management collection

Health and Wellbeing collection

Training sessions on finding the evidence, critical appraisal, referencing and advanced literature search skills

Enquiry service

Current awareness service

Book loan and article request service

Journal clubs

Access to healthcare databases, including Medline, CiNAHL, Embase, Emcare, BNI, AMED and PsycINFO

Find out more at

To access the Northern Care Alliance Library and Knowledge Service please register online:

All services and resources can be accessed in the community.

To access online resources you will need an appropriate Athens username and password.

If you don’t already have an Athens account, tick the Athens request box when completing the library registration form

If you already have an Athens account you will need to change your organisation.

Access to the following services:

Literature searching-make a request to the Evidence Search Service at

Journal article requests – make a request at

Current awareness bulletins- contact

You will have access to four site libraries

Our four library sites at Bury, Oldham, North Manchester and Salford have friendly, experienced staff that can help you with your information needs and provide personalised training.  Each library has space for quiet study and reflection, group work and a drop-in computer suite for study, internet access and e-Learning.

Helpline number and location of key staff

Contact Details

Locations of NCA Library & Knowledge Services

Email the team at:




Fairfield General Hospital

Based in the Education Centre

Tel: 0161 778 2422


Royal Oldham Hospital

Based in the Education Centre

Tel: 0161 627 8463


Salford Royal Hospital

Based in the Mayo Building

Tel: 0161 206 8189


North Manchester General Hospital

Based in the Postgraduate Centre

Tel: 0161 720 2353

Find out more at



  • On the 1st July there will be no change to the way goods and services are ordered. The systems you are familiar with will remain unchanged for the time being.
  • There will be a move to the NCA eprocurement system in due course and full training and information will be provided.
  • All enquiries are to be directed to the PCFT procurement team until any further changes are made.

There will be no change to the current processes for raising orders (whether via Oracle or via NHS Supply Chain) on the 1st July.

Departments will be contacted in due course as the switch to the NCA eProcurement system is coordinated.



Human Resources – Salford Based staff



Contact Details

Recruitment Team

(4th Floor, Turnpike House, 631 Eccles New Road, Salford)


The Recruitment team cover the whole of the NCA




TRAC – Job Vacancies

Interview Appointments

Outcome of Interviews/Feedback










Eloise Jones

Sue Cardall

Rachael Mockridge

Lauren Hurd



Leanne Charnock

Sharron Entwistle

Helen Effer

Kadie Smith



Lindsay Welsby

George Rimmer

Nazmin Mohid

Jessica Langham



Pat Beirne

Pam Emmens



Amer Sardar



Hannah Tyldesley

Elaine O’Sullivan


Unless otherwise stated, for external callers please preface the number with 0161 20-




























Workforce Information Team

(4th Floor, Turnpike House, 631 Eccles New Road, Salford)


The team cover the
whole of the NCA


Change of Name/Bank Details/Address

Proof of Registration

Proof of NMC

Employment References

Salary Queries


Maternity/Adoption Forms



Joanne Williamson

Fiona Thompson

Michelle Sopi


Sarah Bethell

Vicki Pennington

Sue Jones

Kyle Cardiff

Sandra Lamb

Claire Peace

Rachael French















Salford Care Organisation –only 


HR Advisors



HR Business Partner



HR Advisors



HR Business Partner



HR Advisor


HR Business Partner



HR Advisor

Associate Director of Workforce



HR Administrator (HR Advisor Support; Clinical Attachments and Medical Electives Checks)



Integrated Care Division

Linda Harrison

Karen Rogers

Jenny Leyland

Clare Nott


Surgery & Tertiary Medicine

Lauren McCabe

Claire Sproston

Andrew Dean (covering Lisa Lever)

Liz Warner


Greater Manchester Neurosciences

Paula Bartlett (Covering Sarah Warhurst)

Anita Finn


Corporate & Hosted Services

Sarah Kilheeney

Jon Dobson



Andrew Smith

























Human Resources

(4th Floor Turnpike House)



Workforce Transformation Lead


Kathryn Davies



Medical Workforce Project Team


Joanna Davies

Claire Harrison

Bethany Everall






Temporary Staffing Team



Sue Horn

Toni Clark




Other HR Personnel


Group Director of Workforce (NCA)


Associate Director of Workforce (SCO)


Associate Director of Workforce

(Corporate & Hosted Services)


Associate Director of Resourcing


Associate Director of Medical Workforce


Senior HR Information Analyst




David Hargreaves


Charlotte Layton



Jon Dobson



Amy Goodale


Kay Carter



Wai Man


















ID Badges – Renewals Only


Andrea Belfield

Beverley Nicolaou





Staff Engagement & Benefits Manager 

Nicola Kent



Staff Engagement



Contact Details

Jill May

Od Facilitator - Staff Engagement

Tel: 0161 778 5590

Talent & Organisational Development



Contact Details

Talent and Organisational Development

Widening participation



Contact Details

Allison Reader

Tel: 0161 206 4184

Susan Kelly

Tel: 0161 604 5424%

and Conditions

TUPE protects against change to terms and conditions for an indefinite period if the sole reason for the change is the transfer.  Northern Care Alliance has no right to change terms and conditions at any time unless there is an ‘economic technical or organisational reason’ unconnected with the transfer.  If in the future some organisational change is required for any of the Northern Care Alliance services, which may result in changes to terms and conditions then this would be done in consultation with the unions and staff.  For further details please contact your locality HR team.


Your pay day is unchanged.  You will be able to receive an electronic payslip or access to an e-payslip through the ESR application.  For help please contact the Workforce Information helpdesk on 0161 206 8402 or email us on

We have made every effort to ensure July salaries are correct, based on information provided to us by our PCFT colleagues and the automated data-transfer process in ESR.

However- we encourage all staff to check their July payslip which will be available to view via ESR self-service on 24th July 2019.  Should you have any queries please contact the Workforce Information team or payroll team.     When contacting the team please have your assignment number ready – this is on the top left corner of your payslip.

Tel: 0161 206 8402

Payroll can also be contacted on

Tel: 01254 786002

Tax on Enhancements in July
Please remember that pay-day is a Friday in July – (the 26th).  Any urgent changes to your pay must be actioned by our payroll team by 11.00 am. at the latest, on 26th July – in order for the correct amount to be transferred to your bank account.  Your bank will not process anything after this until the next business day.   Please also see ‘Your Details’ below.

Please be aware that whilst PCFT will pay you for your enhancements earned in June and payable in July, these will be taxed at basic rate.  This will be corrected in your August salary. 


Your incremental date will transfer over with you. For any payroll queries please contact the ELFS helpdesk on (01254) 786 002.

HR policies and procedures

HR policies and procedures of Pennine Care Foundation Trust will continue to apply to you and will be reviewed in due course, in line with the Trust’s own policy-review schedule.   For further details please contact your locality HR team.  The policies will continue to be available on the PCFT intranet or via the locality HR team. 

Line managers will need to be aware of PCFT policies and procedures and also some of NCA’s policies and procedures to manage their staff.  It will be the same for integrated managers who are employed by local councils, the NCA will work to support those managers and provide training as necessary.

To support new policies please read the Development and Management of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Job descriptions

Job descriptions will remain the same.

Bank Assignments

All transferring staff who have an assignment on PCFTs internal bank will be offered bank assignments with NHS Professionals. These staff are being consulted as part of a separate transfer process, and will be kept updated of the progress of this transition.


These are claimed on the Selenity system  which you use currently.  We are currently looking at bulk-transferring all the data so that you won’t need to re-enter any details and we will keep you updated on this in time for your first lot of expenses post- 1st July to be submitted.

All staff were asked to ensure that all claims for mileage were completed by the beginning of July for travel incurred in June.  PCFT will pay this out to you at the end of July 2019 and you will receive two payslips to show this has been done.

Selenity system - Guidance on claiming excess mileage for staff whose base has changed as a result of organisational change/TUPE.

We are aware of a problem with the self-expenses system currently, whereby it deducts home-to-base mileage from any claims, based on the base entered into the system – this is happening even if ‘excess mileage’ is claimed as the reason for the claim.

We are therefore issuing this guidance to staff whilst we look into this problem:

  1. Retain old base on system.

Claiming from home to new base

  1. Use ‘secondment place of work’ as ‘reason’ .  (Staff on secondment receive the same mileage rate as those on excess mileage).
  2. In the ‘from’ box, click on the house icon and this will ensure your start point is ‘home’.
  3. Enter the address of the new base in the ‘to’ box. Then click on ‘return to start address’, then save.

Your home- to- old base miles will be deducted, and the excess miles will be paid at excess miles rate of 24 pence per mile. 

Repeat above steps once per day for every day you travel from home straight to your new base.

Claiming normal business miles from new base to another place of work

  1. In the ‘reason’ box select the appropriate reason.
  2. In the ‘to’ box enter the full postal address of your new base (do not click on the office-block icon). Enter the ‘from’ details as with any other claim. 

The claim will be paid at normal business rate – 56 pence per mile for staff under NHS Agenda For Change terms and conditions, (please note staff on SRFT terms and conditions receive a lesser mileage rate).

Vehicle set up form for expenses 

ELFS Travel Claim Form

Absence recording

Absence at SRFT is recorded on SMART.  You will no longer be able to record it in ESR – you will need to ensure that appropriate paper or electronic records are held locally until we can move everyone on to SMART.  Please contact if you have any queries. Click here for SMART Timesheet Training Guide

We have now received a report from PCFT which provides historical annual leave and sickness data, and which shows booked annual leave forthcoming.  The format of the report means we have to do some further work to split this into relevant teams and we are prioritising this – this data will be sent to team supervisors as soon as possible.  Data can then be added to SMART if it relates to dates after 1st July – unfortunately historical data cannot be entered on to SMART.  For any urgent queries please contact your Care Organisation HR team (the Welcome Pack on the transfer hub contains their contact details in the Workforce Section).   

Staff are reminded that only designated staff will have access to SMART for the purposes of recording annual leave and other absences on behalf of their team.  SMART is not for staff in general.  Where individuals used to record their leave on ESR self service, this will have to be recorded via an alternative method determined locally.

Lease Cars

Staff currently in a lease car scheme will continue unchanged.

Child Care Vouchers

Current child care voucher-users will be able to transfer to Fideliti.  Fidelity will be in touch directly with these staff with details of how to register – please note that only staff who are current users will be able to register – child care voucher schemes are no longer open to new entrants.

Place of work

For community services staff in the localities, there will be no change in their location.

For corporate services staff, discussions about people’s base took place throughout the transfer period and staff should by now have clarity on where they will work.  If you have any uncertainties around this please contact your line manager in the first instance, or  - Workforce Transformation Lead.

On Call

Currently, if there are no changes to staff on the existing rota, then the rota would continue as it is. If, however, there is a change, such as in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale where management teams may not all transfer, the situation is being reviewed

SMART cards

NCA issue smart cards.  Some staff utilise Smart cards, but the majority of staff have a username and password.  For those jobs that require a smart card, they will be issued when a new starter commences employment, following an authorised request from their manager.

Staff are reminded that only designated staff will have access to SMART for the purposes of recording annual leave and other absences on behalf of their team.  SMART is not for staff in general.  Where individuals used to record their leave on ESR self service, this will have to be recorded via an alternative method determined locally.

ESR System Access

Staff who use SMART cards should still be able to use these.

For those who access ESR via a log-in, please look out for an email from ‘’ with your log-in instructions – you should receive this no later than 5.00 pm Thursday 4th July.

For staff who will be utilising the SMART timesheet /absence recording system you will also receive an email on or before 4pm Friday 5th July with instructions for accessing SMART absence recording system.

The Change Form NCA ver 2 is to be submitted if there are any changes to hours, grade, etc. The form is to be completed by the relevant manager and signed off by the approved authoriser. This should be the same with the termination form.

NEW ESR Landing Portal - User Guide

Staff are reminded that only designated staff will have access to SMART for the purposes of recording annual leave and other absences on behalf of their team.  SMART is not for staff in general.  Where individuals used to record their leave on ESR self service, this will have to be recorded via an alternative method determined locally.

Booking holidays

Please see ‘absence recording’ above.

Sickness – recording and long term sickness

Personal files

These will continue to be held locally for the time being.


Recruitment, including vacancy controls

The Resourcing Team are dedicated to supporting and enabling each of the Care Organisations led by the Northern Care Alliance to recruit the right people, able to deliver highly reliable care, in the right roles, at the right time.  The Team provides support to enable effective recruitment and support the candidate journey.  The Team are based at Turnpike House in Salford.

The Resourcing page of the intranet is a useful resource and provides details of the key resourcing contacts, guidance documentation, template job descriptions/adverts and much more.

A service level agreement is in place which sets out the level of service you will expect to receive from the department and what we expect of you.

Recruitment and Selection e-learning is available via SRFT e-learning  or ESR e-learning.

To access TRAC support or be given access to the TRAC recruitment system please contact a member of the Resourcing Team.


4th Floor, Turnpike House, 631 Eccles New Road, Salford




Contact Details





TRAC – Job Vacancies

Interview Appointments

Outcome of Interviews/Feedback



Recruitment Team - Salford Care Organisation

Eloise Jones



Sue Cardall



Rachael Mockridge



Lauren Hurd

Tel: 0161 206 4544

Tel: 0161 206 5184 1461

5184 in booklet – 1461 on hub

Tel: 0161 206 4016

Tel: 0161 206 5732

Recruitment Team Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation

Leanne Charnock



Sharron Entwistle



Helen Effer



Kadie Smith


Tel: 0161 206 5859

Tel: 0161 206 5863

Tel: 0161 206 5864

Tel: 0161 206 8128

Recruitment Team Oldham Care Organisation

Lindsay Welsby



George Rimmer


Nazmin Mohid



Jessica Langham

Tel: 0161 206 5858

Tel: 0161 206 5865

Tel: 0161 206 5867

Tel: 0161 206 5868

Recruitment Team North Manchester Care Organisation

Pat Beirne



Pam Emmens


Tel: 0161 206 5869

Tel: 0161 206 6119

Recruitment Team Corporate Services

Hannah Tyldesley



Elaine O’Sullivan

Tel: 0161 206 1392


Elaine.o’  Tel: 0161 206 4232

International Nursing

Amer Sardar

Tel: 0161 206 3197


Strategic Resourcing Team



Contact Details

Amy Goodale


Associate Director of Resourcing

Tel: 0161 206 5255

Lindsay Hellewell


Nursing Resourcing Lead

Tel: 0161 206 5872

Rebecca Tinnion

Social Media Coordinator (Resourcing)

Tel: 0161 206 4015

Diane Hooper

AHP & Healthcare Sciences

Resourcing Lead

Mob: 07540 673297


Medical Workforce Project Team



Contact Details

Joanna Davies

Tel: 0161 206 4526

Claire Harrison

Tel: 0161 206 2246

Bethany Everall

Tel: 0161 206 5717 0184

5717 in booklet 0184 on hub


Resourcing Team Update – recruiting managers’ guidance

The Resourcing Team would like to welcome staff that have recently transferred over to Northern Care Alliance NHS Group from Pennine Care.  We look forward to working with you.

All vacancies / applications / log in details have now been transferred over from the Pennine Care TRAC system to the Salford Royal TRAC system.

If you have any issues accessing TRAC, please contact a member of the Resourcing Team.  Contact details for the team can be found here.


Hannah Tyldesley

Resourcing Manager
0161 206 1392

Elaine O’Sullivan

Team Leader

0161 206 4232

Liam Ormrod

Resourcing Administrator
0161 206 1461  

North Manchester Care Organisation

Eloise Jones

Senior Resourcing Officer –
General Staffing
0161 206 4544

George Rimmer

Resourcing Officer –
General Staffing  0161 206 5865

Christopher Dunn

Medical Resourcing Officer
0161 206 5858

Oldham Care Organisation

Jessica Langham

Senior Resourcing Officer –
General Staffing
0161 206 5868

Helen Effer

Resourcing Officer –
General Staffing
0161 206 5864

Lindsay Welsby

Senior Resourcing Officer –
Medical Staffing
0161 206 5858

Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation – Bury

Sharon Entwistle

Senior Resourcing Officer –
General Staffing
0161 206 5863

Pat Beirne

Resourcing Officer –
General Staffing
0161 206 5869

Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation – Rochdale

Eloise Jones

Senior Resourcing Officer –
General Staffing
0161 206 4544

Angela Brophy

Resourcing Officer –
General Staffing

North East Sector

Sue Cardall

Resourcing Officer – Medical Staffing
0161 206 1461

Nicola Carvell

Resourcing Officer –
Band 5 Nursing
0161 206 3256

In order to avoid any delays in posts being advertised please can we ask that recruiting managers ensure the following steps are undertaken when uploading vacancies to the TRAC system:

Cost Centre Codes

We are currently waiting for the Community Cost Centre Codes to be upload into TRAC, in the meantime can you please choose the code 236 Pennine TUPE Transfer and add a note in the notes section of the correct cost centre. Appropriate authorisers are to be selected as per the chart below:



Bury Community

Oldham Community

HMR Community

Management Accounts


To add the following to the reference number:



For chasing


Dawn Pearson


To add the following to the reference number:



For chasing


Jennifer Greenwood


Helen Sandiford


To add the following to the reference number:



For chasing


Tracey Sugden


Managing Director


Dan Lythgoe 


In his absence


Wendy Parker


Liza Alexandra


Mark Warren


Clinical Posts


Vick Thorne


Admin Posts


Zeph Curwen


Senior Manager

Senior Manager for the Service

Senior Manager for the Service

Senior Manager for the Service

Functional Requirements Form

A fully completed Functional Requirements form should be uploaded for all vacancies.  The document is available here.

Job Description / Person Spec

Job Descriptions should be transferred on to the NCA Job Description template.  The template is attached here. Please do not upload any Job Description templates with the Pennine Care Logo.  If you need to convert your files from PDF to word please see link below for converter   


Please ensure that a minimum of two shortlisters are selected on TRAC (Trust policy is that a minimum of two people must complete the shortlisting). Please note that shortlisting needs to be completed within 5 days of the closing date of the job advert.  Please can you ensure that the identified shortlisters are available to complete the shortlisting within this timeframe.

Please also ensure that the shortlisting criteria is fully completed on TRAC.  When entering the shortlisting criteria you should only use the objective criteria that can be assessed from the application form.   The weighting for each criteria should be 1.

Closing Date

Please ensure that a note is added to TRAC to indicate how long you would like the post to be advertised for and if you wish to cap the number of applicants.

Job Banding

If your post needs to be banded, please send a copy of the Job Description/Person Specification to the Workforce Information Team and they will allocate to a HR Advisor.  Please ensure that that the job has been banded prior to uploading the vacancy onto TRAC.

Vacancy Control Panel

Once the post has been approved in TRAC it will be sent to the Vacancy Control Panel for approval.

Re-Deployment Register

All vacancies will be checked against the NCA Re-deployment Register.  If any possible matches are found, the details will be sent to the relevant HR Advisor and you will be informed that the vacancy is on hold.  If the vacancy is deemed suitable the HR Advisor will make contact with you to discuss further.


The Resourcing Team work hard to ensure that all posts are advertised within 2 working days from approval (once all documentation has been received)/conclusion of redeployment review whichever is later.  During this period of transition and until additional resource is identified we will aim to advertise within 5 working days or sooner where possible.



Now that staff have transferred, they will be regarded as NCA employees and have access to the same personal development opportunities as all other NCA staff.


Bank & Agency

All bank-only workers (those who do not hold substantive roles) will need to sign a declaration confirming their skills, competence,  qualifications and training with effect from Monday 1st July 2019 before they can commence their shift.  A template for this purpose will be provided through the hub from Monday 1st July – the shift manager will be responsible for ensuring the declaration is signed and retained. Download the template. (Completion of this form is a once only requirement.  Please ensure that the form is retained locally or centrally for audit purposes.)

NCA currently uses NHS Professionals (NHSP) for bank staff. Due to arrangements currently being discussed, the transfer of bank staff will be at a later date, probably be around September.  PCFT will continue to host the bank until that time and will hold bank staff briefing sessions when we are clearer on transfer dates.

Existing Bank registrants will transfer to NHSP via TUPE.  Accordingly the relevant information would be automatically transferred in line with this process.

In terms of attending training for the Bank, the training is provided free of charge but NHS Professionals do not pay their Bank Worker’s to attend training.


Right to work checks

These will be carried out no later than 28 days post-transfer.



Uniforms will remain the same if they don’t have the PCFT logo on them. For those that do have the PCFT logo on them, there will be a gradual process of replacing uniforms.


ID badges

We apologise for the continued delay in organising ID badges for staff, and for any confusion and inconvenience caused to staff.  Unfortunately our current resource for issuing ID badges is based on a typical turnover of new starters and is not able to issue a large number of ID badges at once. 

Senior Workforce leads are now prioritising the issuing of NCA ID badges to former PCFT staff – in the meantime if you wish to visit the Fairfield site or any of our other sites for an ID badge please make a prior arrangement by emailing or telephoning ahead, the contact details are on the application forms.

Staff should retain their ID badges until such time as we are able to roll-out our new NCA badges. 

For new starters who require an ID badge – please see below:

  • ID badges can be issued at Fairfield General in Bury, North Manchester General, The Royal Oldham, or Rochdale Infirmary,
  • If you work at all 4 sites  you will need 4 separate ID badges - a different badge for each site.
  • Each site can only issue a badge for that specific site. 
  • You need a different form for each site, forms below
  • The days and times you can attend at each hospital for your ID badge are on the forms.
  • The forms all contain further details, please read these and take the form with you.
  • Contacts details for each site are also on the forms. 

 ID Badge Form  - Bury
 ID Badge Form  - Rochdale
 ID Badge Form - Oldham
 ID Badge Form  - North Manchester

ID badges can also be issued at Salford by attending the HR Department, 4th Floor,  Turnpike House, 631 Eccles New Road, Salford M50 1SY – please make an appointment by emailing




Information for staff whose line managers have not transferred to the NCA

Unless you have been advised otherwise, you will continue to report to the same manager.


Interpretation and Translation Service

The Interpretation and Translation Department provides:

  • Face to face (Language & BSL) interpreting
  • Community Interpretation Services for external customers (Income generation)   for around 13 Organisations to cover NHS services e.g. Oldham CCG & Pennine Care
  • Translation service for documents in written format e.g. letters, leaflets etc



Contact Details

Nayla Rehan

Interpretation & Translation Service Manager  

Tel: 0161 627 8770

Fax: 0161 627 8119

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm. 

Out of office hours: Interpretation service is covered by the Trust switchboard.

Telephone Interpretations can be accessed anytime without the need to book in advance

Bookings need at least 3 clear days

Bookings for deaf patients requires at least one weeks’ notice as BSL interpreters are booked up in advance and may not be available at short notice.

For telephone interpretation please use Language Line – no change to booking process

Community teams currently book Language Line interpreters through PCFT (not through the Pennine Acute Interpretation & Translation Service).  You can continue to do this under the Procurement SLA with PCFT, with no change in the process.

For face to face interpretation or translations

Community teams will submit the booking for Pennine Acute interpreters to the Pennine Acute Interpretation & Translation Service in the usual way, but you will need to use the new booking forms below. 

If it is a same day urgent appointment then, as per previous arrangements, you should ring the Pennine Acute Interpretation service on 0161 627 8770 and state that you are Oldham Community or Bury & Rochdale Community staff now working for the Northern Care Alliance.

Should you have any doubt as to which service you require, please consult the following flow chart.


Workforce Information Team Contact Details



Contact Details

Workforce Information Helpdesk

Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm and Fri 9am-4pm


Tel: 0161 206 8402

ELF’s (Payroll)


Tel: 01254 786 002


Subject Matter Support


Contact workforce inbox for queries relating to:


  • Employee Self Service (payslips)
  • SMART User Account Forms
  • SMART Queries
  • SMART Training
  • Sickness/AL Reports
  • Pay Queries – Enhancements/Overtime
  • Pay Queries – Underpayments/Overpayments
  • Job Banding Queries
  • SharePoint Queries relating to Contractual Changes (not RTW this is Paul Hurst)
  • Mutually Agreed Flexibility Scheme
  • Annual Leave Buy Back
  • Annual Leave Queries (Not calculations this is responsibility of manager)
  • Kiosk Queries
  • Widening Access Queries (Rachael French)
  • ESR URL Request Forms

Contact HR Admin inbox for queries relating to:

  • Employment Letters and Reference Requests
  • Change of PA’s
  • Career Break Queries
  • Complex Pay Queries relating to SMART

Contact Maternity inbox for queries relating to:

  • Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Queries
  • Confirm return dates
  • Pay Queries relating to Maternity/Paternity/Adoption

Contact Pay Progression inbox for queries relating to:

  • Pay Progression Queries – Increments
  • Completed Increment Forms


Oldham Care Organisation Workforce Team



Contact Details

Susan Moloney


*Interim Associate Director of Workforce


*Helen Dixon commences 1 September 2019

Mob: 07753 670608

Fowzia Hussein

HR Business Partner – Surgery & Women and Children’s

Tel: 0161 627 8568

Mob: 07790 935047


HR Business Partner – Diagnostics and Pharmacy


Sarah Jubbs

HR Advisor - Medicine, Estates & Facilities

Tel: 0161 778 5289

Allan Bibby

HR Advisor - W&C, Diagnostics and Pharmacy

Tel: 0161 276 1180

Tanya Williams

(Mat Leave)

HR Advisor - Surgery and Corporate

Tel: 0161 276 1179

Murad Mirza

HR Advisor - Surgery and Corporate

Tel: 0161 276 1179

Clare Stanton

HR Administrative Assistant

Tel: 0161 656 1572

Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation Workforce Team



Contact Details

Emma Shooter

Associate Director of Workforce

Tel: 0161 778 3314

Mob: 07967 785683

Michelle Waite


*Interim HR Business Partner – HMR

(based at Rochdale)

*Caroline Beirne secondment

Tel: 01706 517563

Mob: 07581 625754

Rachael Graham

HR Business Partner – Bury

(based at Fairfield House)

Tel: 0161 778 3476

Mob: 07791 614586

Nicola Latham

HR Advisor – HMR

(based at Rochdale)

Tel: 01706 517559

Mob: 07966 999720

Stefania Geromin

HR Advisor –General & Specialist Medicine, Clinical Support at Fairfield, Bury

(based at Fairfield House)

Tel: 0161 778 2663

Mob: 07966 983094

Alison Johnson


HR Advisor – Elective & Orthopaedic & ENT, Emergency & Urgent Care at Fairfield, Bury 

(based at Fairfield House)

Tel: 0161 778 3620

Mob: 07966 999570

Karen Shnyder

HR Administration Assistant

(based at Rochdale)

Tel: 01706 517733

North Manchester Care Organisation Workforce Team



Contact Details

Dean Hambleton-Ayling

Associate      Director      of Workforce

Tel: 0161 918 4314

Mob: 07798 817276

Shilpa Lockett

HR Business Partner

Tel: 0161 604 5252

Mob: 07790 935709

Donna Bishop

HR Advisor

Tel: 0161 918 4308

Mob: 07966 999776

Jonathan Grundy

Interim HR Advisor


Tel: 0161 918 4935

Mob: 07967 760012

Jemma Bartles

HR Advisor

Tel: 0161 918 4384

Mob: 07967 760005

Salford Care Organisation Workforce Team



Contact Details

Charlotte Layton


Associate Director of Workforce Salford Care Organisation

Tel: 0161 206 7891

Integrated Care Division

Clare Nott


HR Business Partner

Tel: 0161 206 5946

Linda Harrison



Karen Rogers


Jenny Leyland


HR Advisors

Tel: 0161 206 8995

Tel: 0161 206 5238

Tel: 0161 206 1374

Surgery & Tertiary Medicine

Liz Warner


HR Business Partner

Tel: 0161 206 5192

Lauren McCabe



Claire Sproston


Andrew Dean (covering Lisa Lever)


HR Advisors

Tel: 0161 206 4568

Tel: 0161 206 1445

Tel: 0161 206 0474

Greater Manchester Neurosciences

Anita Finn


HR Business Partner

Tel: 0161 206 4505

Paula Bartlett (Covering Sarah Warhurst)

HR Advisor

Tel: 0161 206 7200


Corporate and Hosted Services Workforce Team



Contact Details

Jon Dobson

Associate Director of Workforce, Group

Tel: 0161 206 5968

Sarah Kilheeney

HR Advisor

Tel: 0161 206 8910

Andrew Smith

HR Administrator

HR Advisor Support; Clinical Attachments and Medical Electives Checks

Tel: 0161 206 5614