HR General Q&As

Is this an ‘emergency’ transfer as you intend to retender in 2 years?  What happens after two years?

No, this is not an emergency transfer. This is a 2 year ‘host’ arrangement with the Northern Care Alliance. The ‘host’ arrangement allows us a period of time to consider how we most effectively shape our health and care services going forward. Over the next 2 years, the Northern Care Alliance would be in a much stronger position to show it is in an ideal position to continue to provide these services on a longer term basis. The way in which NHS services are currently being procured is also being considered by Government, and by the end of the 2 years, this process may have changed and there may not be the requirement to re-tender.

Is redeployment an option?

It may be that redeployment is an option once you have transferred over to the new provider. However, it is not an option within our Trust.

If I need to be re-deployed as a result of a re-organisation with the new provider, will you use PCFT policies for my redeployment and/or redundancy?

Yes, but again, we do not foresee any redundancies.

If someone leaves a permanent post with us, what now happens?

Recruitment will continue as normal, and joint recruitment adverts will highlight the updated position as regards the transfer.

I have an appraisal due in June - do I use the new paperwork and the contribution framework?

You should continue with your appraisals in line with our policies and procedures until transfer. Training and information will be provided on the new framework once the transfer has taken place.

Will there be secondment opportunities at NCA after the transfer?

Yes. Once staff have transferred, they will be regarded as NCA employees and have access to the same personal development opportunities as all other NCA staff.

Will local HR teams be transferring?

Yes. Local support from HR DBU teams will transfer.

Will I have to go through DBS checks again after transferring to SRFT?


What happens with recruitment, and what will happen to on-going recruitment?

Jobs on Trac will transfer to SRFT TRAC system from 3rd June 2019, and all new vacancies will be listed on their system from that date.

What happens to people's training profiles?

These will transfer with ESR, this will enable continuity of training profiles.

What will happen to current secondments?

Secondments have been identified on the Employee Liabilites List and will be reviewed on a case by case basis to ensure appropriate arrangements are made.

Do volunteers transfer to SRFT?

PCFT have provided a list of volunteers to SRFT for each locality. They will continue to work with the locality teams with the database held by SRFT.

Who provides HR support after July 1st?

HR BPs in Bury and Oldham will transfer with colleagues and will continue to provide HR support to transferring staff. The support for Rochdale Adult Services will be provided by SRFT.     

Will there be contact details for HR support from July 1st?

SRFT will include key contact details in the welcome pack.

Should line managers be cleansing their P-files?

Line Managers should cleanse all P files ahead of the transfer. Only appropriate and relevant information should transfer and guidance on how to do this is available on the PCFT Transfer Hub.

Will we have access to past annual leave information and bookings?

Yes, this will transfer with your ESR records, and there is no action for individuals to take.

What are the new arrangements for local induction?

Local induction sessions for transferring staff have been arranged. Details of these can be found on both the PCFT Transfer Hub and the SRFT Hub.

Will there be a formal introduction to the NCA?

Yes. Some of these have already taken place through the various staff engagement events and for those who have not been able to attend any of these sessions, this will be covered as part of the local induction.

If we have new managers, will they have access to PCFT policies?

Yes. They will be able to access PCFT as you will via the PCFT Intranet. Over a phased period of time, SRFT will update its own policies which you may then be asked to work under. This will be formally cascaded when appropriate.

Will there be any changes to payroll and expenses for both permanent and bank staff?

SRFT use the same E-Expenses system as PCFT so this will transfer. Payroll will move to a new provider. Any changes to payroll information ahead of the transfer can be made up to 27th June. Any change will then have to be made after the transfer via SRFT. Guidance on how to do this will be included in the Day-1 communications.

What is the cut-off date for staff wellbeing service, entitlements ?

These services will still be available through the usual routes until, over time, the route for accessing may change.

Will there be any changes to staff mileage/excess fares?

There will be no changes to staff mileage /excess fare rates through the TUPE process.

Will there be any changes to parking for staff?

There will be no changes to staff parking arrangements where services remain delivered in the same location.  For a small number of staff that will be moving location, car parking arrangements will be determined locally with NCA.

What will happen to my gym membership pass?

Deductions like this will be transferred to SRFT for continuing deduction from salary.  Any future membership scheme will need to be negotiated with SRFT going forward.

What will happen with the buildings that staff are in and are owned by PCFT, will this mean a change of location?

No. The Community Services buildings will remain the same at the current time, ownership of the buildings is a complicated matter that will need to be built into the business transfer agreement with Salford Royal.  For Community Services, it will make no difference who owns the buildings as the physical locality for staff will remain the same. 

Will on-call payments remain the same?


For staff who come to the NCA following the transfer into what were PCFT Community teams, does that mean that line managers will need to manage those staff in terms of two sets of policies, so for example sickness and absence?

Yes. Line managers will need to be aware of PCFT policies and procedures and also NCA’s policies and procedures to manage their staff.  It will be the same for integrated managers who are employed by local councils, the NCA will work to support those managers and provide training as necessary.

Where will training be carried out after transfer?

NCA will be looking to be flexible on future training locations.  Training locations are currently provided in various localities and the NCA see no reason why these cannot continue?