Macmillan Information and Support Service appeal for care pack items

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Macmillan Information and Support Service appeal for care pack items
23 October 2020

Chemotherapy teams at The Royal Oldham Hospital are hoping to create and distribute care packs to new patients starting treatment and they're appealing for the help and donations of the local community in Oldham.

The packs will contain items that will help patients get through their treatment by helping them stay comfortable and occupied whilst combatting side effects. Items required range from puzzle books to help pass the time to sickness bands and ginger biscuits to help cope with chemotherapy related nausea. 

With patients now being asked to attend for chemotherapy alone, this is an especially daunting time and it is hoped that the packs will give patients a small boost and make their time on the chemotherapy unit a little more bearable. The packs will be distributed to haematology patients and patients with solid tumours who are undergoing chemotherapy at The Royal Oldham Hospital. 

Local supermarkets Tesco and Asda have kicked things off with generous donations of biscuits, Vaseline, mints and puzzle books, but the team are still in need of more of these items as well as additional items to complete the bags and be able to give them to everyone who needs one. 

All items must be brand new due to strict hygiene measures. The team are grateful for any support that staff or the local community can provide, whether that be a donation of one pair of gloves or links to local businesses that may be able to support. 

The full list of items that teams are collecting include:

  • Vaseline - Patients on chemotherapy suffer with dry lips, skin and sores as a side effect of their chemotherapy.
  • Warm gloves (unisex/one size fits all) and men’s and women’s socks - Patients on chemotherapy suffer with peripheral neuropathy in their hands and feet (damage to the nerves). Wearing gloves and warm socks can help protect hands and feet from these effects as well as keeping them warm and well circulated.
  • Mints - Chemotherapy causes nausea and vomiting. Some patients also experience a metallic taste in the mouth. Mints can be useful in alleviating these symptoms.
  • Sickness wrist bands - Sickness bands can be useful in providing relief from chemotherapy related nausea and vomiting.
  • Packs of ginger biscuits - Ginger biscuits are helpful in alleviating symptoms of nausea.
  • Word search/puzzle books - Patients often spend long hours sat in a chair receiving chemotherapy and puzzle books provide a low energy way of passing the time.
  • Travel pillows - A travel pillow will help our patients feel more comfortable during their time sat in the chair receiving chemotherapy.
  • Pocket sized packs of tissues

If you are able to support, or for more information on this project, please contact the Macmillan Information and Support Service on 0161 604 5244 (internal 45244) or If you are based at The Royal Oldham Hospital and would like to arrange for items to be collected, please contact Lindsey Dawson on