Haematology and Blood Transfusion

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Routine Haematology and Blood Transfusion is currently provided on three hospital sites. Haemoglobinopathy testing, Haematinics and all non routine coagulation and haematology investigations are undertaken at The Royal Oldham Hospital. 

The Trust has seven Consultant Haematologists, a Service Manager, three Technical Managers, ten Advanced Biomedical Scientists, thirty three Specialist Biomedical Scientists, one Trainee Associate Practitioner and twelve Biomedical Support staff who are employed across the Trust in the Haematology service.

Annually over 900,000 requests are received and over 30,000 units of blood products are transfused; this does not include albumin or Anti-D immunoglobulin.

Call for all O Negative Blood Donors

Blood stocks for O Negative are critically low and we urgently need your support over the upcoming weeks.

Because O Negative donations are so important at present, we are also offering O Negative donors without an appointment to attend their local session at any time over the next few weeks.  Please do check our website for details and walk in if you can.